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For Sale: FS: Theta DS Pro Basic DAC

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For Sale:
FS: Theta DS Pro Basic DAC

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

I acquired this DAC about a month ago via a local transaction from this forum. Here is the original listing:

From what I can find researching this DAC it was introduced around 1990, and was around $2000 retail when it first came out. Stereophile has a nice writeup about it, although old. I haven't done much testing with it but it sounds pretty incredible through something revealing, like my Stax setup.


Due to the weight and size of this DAC I would much prefer to deal locally (University City, Philadelphia area). I don't have easy access to a car, so I would love if you could come pick it up yourself. If not we can try to make arrangements. I'm just looking to get back what I paid, $100 cash or PayPal gift (or add PP fees) via local pickup.


If you want this DAC, but don't live in the Philadelphia area, I can get it shipped at your expense, although I will not be able to guarantee it against shipping damage beyond what USPS/UPS can provide. Please send me a PM if you're interested.


Thanks for the interest!

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this have optical out?


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Originally Posted by WhiteCrow View Post

this have optical out?


one pair of RCAs out, coax in (and I think that's it - there's two sets of "digital in"s but I'm not sure what they're for).


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That is strange but I cannot send you PM... maybe technical troubles...

Just would like to inform you that payment will be done today evening.


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It's because you have less than 15 posts; just an anti-spammer measure Head-Fi has in place. You can send me an email at my PP address to contact me if you'd like.

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Now available for shipping anywhere. Shipping via UPS is going to be around $15-25.

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can you post a picture of the digital in ports, or all of the in ports.

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