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Hey guys,


I recently bought a pair of Shure SE315's and I'm finding them slightly uncomfortable, especially because I wear them all day at work and they tend to produce a considerable amount of pain after a few hours.


That, coupled with the fact that they dont produce the amount of bass that I am looking for, I would like to find a pair of IEM's that produce a good amount of bass and are comfortable for hours on end.


I got the SE315's for $170 and I am willing to spend that much on another pair, so if anybody has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

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my se215's just arrived today and i think they have powerful, punchy bass. Not burned in yet and will make a review once that is done. Maybe once my review is done, you might consider purchasing SE215's like i have. If you want good bass, the iems ive listened to that has "good "bass are Sleek Audio SA-6 (discontinued though.. but SA-6R and SA-7 are coming out!), denon AH-C710, Westone um2, monster Turbine, and klipsch s4.

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Well the sennhieser ie8 are pretty good with bass! But i would also suggest the klipsch image s4 since they have a real good amount of bass and are the most comfortable lightweight earbuds i have ever used! 

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Yea, I ordered a pair of the IE8's and they turned out to be fake! FAIL.

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How do you find the comfort on the SE215's. It looks like they are the same exact fit as the 315's. Like I said, mine are OK at first, but after a few hours, I begin to feel some irritation.

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haven't tried them yet. like i said, just started burn in :)

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