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Which HP for Office Rig?

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As some of you know I received my new HD650, E7/E9 combo about 2 months ago. It's still new and has less than 100hrs of play on it (I've been on a 1 month business trip and didn't bring it with me). I am missing the setup so bad!!!


On to business. I currently use an HD595 + iPhone/MacBook in my office and I want to step it up a little especially since the HD595's ear pads got crumby and just plain degraded that it doesn't have ear pads now (looking to order replacements tomorrow). The HD595's are very worn and well, old (I got it 3rd hand). I plan on placing these on my condo (for when I sleep there).


Which do I get now? HD600 or HD598? I am still not sure if I will need an amp with the HD600. But if I do, then I will simply take the E7 with me every day and use the E7/E9 combo as it was supposed to. The E7 a portable amp/dac, and the E9 a desktop amp/dock.


Another thing I'm concerned with is that I seem to recall the HD600 being discontinued. If so, should I wait for the "next best thing" to replace the HD600 (and possibly see a "need" to upgrade a step higher than the HD650 and make the HD650 the office rig)?


This all came to me as I was just about to purchase a Woo Audio headphone stand. I was deciding whether to buy just one or two! And now it got me thinking about buying a new pair!!! One thing lead to the other. Next thing you know I'm buying tubed amps!!!


My wallet will hate me in the next few days... smily_headphones1.gif



Let the suggestions begin!!!

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The HD 600 is known to be one of the most well balanced headphones out there. Infact, many audiophiles still prefer the HD600 to the HD650 because of their neutrality and their able to handle varied genres of music in a good way. Since you already have 595 (which is known for its mids) and the 650 which most say is a little bassy, the HD 600 might be a good option to look at.


On the other hand, it could be argued that the HD 600 and HD 650 are too similar to each other(refinement, laidbackness) to justify the purchase. Maybe going in a different direction like the k701 or one of the grados would be the ticket. As always it depends on your listening habits (type of music, comfort....) to a large extent so think about it.

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