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I can't say for certain what those upgraded transformers have done for the sound. However, from my experience with other amps, upgrading the power supply is usually one of the more noticeable upgrades that you can make. That plus transformers start to get quite expensive once you start climbing up. If you're spending money upgrading components, that's where I would expect a good chunk of it to go. 


That all said, if shipping is of such concern to you and this amp is a significant expenditure for you... are you sure it's the right choice for you? Where are you located? What other options have you looked at?

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Hi Armaegis, 

                         i'm situated in Singapore. It appears when it comes to affordable tube/integrated amplifiers, they eventually narrow down to Chinese amplifiers. I've visited the following websites of which the retailers' credibility are unknown: 




Both of them seem to provide affordable looking tube amplifiers, albeit in an overwhelming number of models. The problem: few of them have been reviewed extensively to provide certainty over their quality. Which is why I kinda decided to turn to the mp-301. My budget was originally   <=$300 and there are some which can hit that price. Trouble for me is in sieving out the hidden gem among the numerous rocks.

From hi-endon9mart, i've noticed that the Meng series are the most affordable (but also one of the least reviewed) ; there's also the interesting looking : Audioromy "FU29" 


From china-hi-fi audio , there's the Bewitch A-84 ,  the Meixing MingDa MC84-A EL84 ($348.40) , the Yaqin MC-84 EL84($300)   ; the Music Angel EL34 XD 500MKIII ($333.79) 

If you or someone can possibly take a look at the websites and  give some advice as to which I should choose from, i'd be most thankful. And also whether I should still stick to the mp-301 mk3 :) Note: I'll be using the amp for both headphones(32-300ohms)  and speakers that are pretty efficient. Thanks a bunch !


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I wish I could help, but I have zero experience with any of those. The only thing I can offer is maybe consider looking up some Taiwanese manufacturers, though the brands I'm aware of are all solid state rather than tube. Maybe ask the guys over at Headfonia since they're located closer to you. 

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Hi Armaegis, 

                        no problem. Appreciate your wanting to help me   :) Cheers!

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I'm a very green to the tube amp world and was wondering if the mk3 would be a good pairing with a set of akg q701's or ath-700x's? I do like the functionality of having a headphone/speaker amp for my first tube set up and I cant complain about the price either. I'm hoping that this amp might be a good place to start before I drop any serious cash on a set up. Honestly being new to the audiophile world and just simply figuring out the specs to this is stuff is more of daunting task then I ever imagined. Please forgive me if this was a stupid question with an easy answer. 

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I have the MKII version of this amp and K702s.  IMOH, they are a good mate for each other.

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