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I Own D7000 & looking for an AMP. any opion on signatures between Peachtree nova or WA-6SE. I read u like the denon sound. trying to get the most out of mine.


Thanks for your help.
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The AH-D 7000s are a set of headphones I have used as my primary set for about 4 years.

I was surprised to see a recommendation of the Woo 3 as the Denons don't really work with that amp that well. You can listen at a moderately low volume but anywhere past the 10 o'clock area the bass completely falls apart.

Even though the Denons can be fairly easy to drive the Woo 3 is a mismatch. The Woo 5 LE is great but not in the running here do to budget restraints. I fathom they would sound pretty good with a Woo 6 but have not heard the combo.

They actually sound pretty good out of the Nuforce Icon. I actually really like the sound. I have not head them with an HDP but I think I would maybe like it.

The Denons actually sound OK straight out of of an iPod IPad or iPhone. The strangest thing I use is a Zoom g3 guitar effects DAW interface which actually sounds pretty good with em. Not perfect or a flat response but a qwerky and fun sound that you can listen to all day. I was listening to the Nirvana DTS of Nevermind all day today and the system scaled up with it.

I'm going to subscribe to this thread as I am interested in what folks say about the Schiit amps paired with the Denon AH-D 7000s.
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Found an Asgard 1 at a good price and it turns out to be a nice mixture with the AHD 7000s. Depending on source color it may be a little spiky in the highs.

Bass is tight and controlled. Somehow the combo does scale with different sources. My main source is a CD player and it is very listenable for long periods.
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Anyone else using vintage amps with these gems? 

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