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I recently received a set of Meelectronics CW31 IEM's and thought I would give a short review on them. I'll break it down into three catergories: Look and Feel, Comfort, and most importantly to me: Sound.




Meelec CW31


Look an Feel:


       The CW31 definitley has an interesting look to it. The pointed housing is the first thing I noticed. On first glance I thought it a little odd shaped, but nothing I would feel uncomfortable about wearing out. The wood housing gives it an old school kinda of look to it, I've had a few people notice these and ask more about them strictly based on their looks. The cableing and strain reliefs all feel very solid in typical Meelec fashion. These phones should not wear out anytime soon.







        The most surprising thing I found with the CW31 was how little I actually felt them in my ears. Their small size and unique oval shape of the nozzle make them one of the most comfortable IEM's Ive tried. The entire housing pretty much completely fits into the outer ear, making these very good for sleeping.







          To me, In the end, its all about the sound. To be honest, when I first tried these out, it was not what I was expecting. However, after a few weeks of listening, these have become my primary IEM's. I was so used to the V shaped sound of the M9 and M6, it was somewhat of an earshock. The CW31 has much more of a natural sound.  The bass response is solid, but not overwhelming, these probably are not for the basshead, but having said that, they still extend very well. The midrange is a different story. My whole attitude toward these phones changed the first time I heard a song with a piano. The tones were so rich it felt like the piano was right in front of me. I had been so used to laid back mids on other phones, I truly wasn't expecting it to come out so forcefully. Vocals were also much more present, Especially women's voices. The treble of the CW31 is much more laid back than what i have grown accustomed to, but now have grown to like a lot. If the treble response was any sharper on these, it would have distracted from the truly excellent mids.





              In closing, the main thing I would say about the CW31 is letting your brain adjust to the less V shaped response. After a couple Of weeks of listening to these, I walked away impressed with the direction that Meelec is going with their phones. All in all an excellent investment for under $50.