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For Sale: FS: SOLD Grado GS 1000i

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For Sale:
FS: SOLD Grado GS 1000i

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, I'm getting ready to move so I need to sell off some of my extra audio equipment, which is why I'm putting my Grado GS1000i up for sale.  I really don't want to sell these, as they have a beautiful, rich, and natural sound and soundstage, but sadly I have to sell them in order to get enough money for my move. I've owned the GS1000is for about 6 months, and I purchased them from an authorized Grado dealer ( "Good Cans" aka "The Listening Station"). They're in great shape, as they were always kept on a headphone rack while I wasn't using them. They probably have ~250 hours of listening on them, and I let them burn-in naturally, as per the recommendation by Grado ( i.e. I didn't have music playing through them for 150 hours straight; I just enjoyed the experience of hearing the sound change while I listened to them). I always listened to them at low levels (a nice feature of high-efficiency headphones), so the drivers should be in great shape too. I have all of the original packaging, the extension cable, the mini-adapter, and the nylon bag from Listening Station, all of which will be included with the headphones. My asking price is SOLD , which includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US. I will ship to other countries too, but the cost of shipping will have to be added onto the SOLD. If you are interested in purchasing these headphones, or have any questions, please PM me. 

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Additional pics



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How about $700 USD?

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Originally Posted by KwyjiboVenneri View Post

How about $700 USD?

Sorry, but I've already sold them

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