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Linux foobar-like music player

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Hi guys, I"m looking for a good music player for ubuntu linux that will have a "folder structure view" of files like foobar. does anyone have some recommendations?



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I don't know foobar but on linux I tend to like Exaile the most. Other candidates might include Listen and of course rhythmbox..

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If you are looking for something light, deadbeef may be good.

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I second the deadbeef recommendation. I'm not sure if it has a folder view mode but the developer is actively working on the player and it's the closest foobar clone for Linux I've found. You might be able to request that feature.... Seems like Exaile might already support it.

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Both are good and lightweight.  I like the sound out of deadbeef just a bit better.  I think that for deadbeef browsing directories, selecting and dragging to a playlist is the only UI.  I could be mistaken since it's been while since I had to drop Linux on the machine I was using.


- Ed

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Just tried out deadbeef. Simple and simply great.


Thanks for the recommendation!

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It certainly worked for me (and still does on  my wife's machine).  Enjoy!

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no offense but I seriously doubt any music player sounds better than any other unless it uses it's own sound drivers or default software EQ (which you can do in almost any) :)

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