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The Complete List of "Audiophile" Headphones

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My objective with this thread is to create a a list for the newer members that details the "full name" and price of all of the headphones targeted at a more head-fi like audience (so well skip the cheap / no name headphones that are just that for a reason). When i first made my way over here to check out headphones, I found that it was exceptionally confusing to see people referencing letters and numbers without brand names or referencing letters and number referencing both headphones and amps in the same post, so if I could get some cooperation to create this list, I think a lot of newer members might appreciate it. Here's my initial list off the top of my head:

Audio Technica AD700

Audio Technica A700

Audio Technica AD900

Audio Technica A900

Beyerdynamic DT 770

Beyerdynamic DT 880

Beyerdynamic DT 990

Beyerdynamic T5

Beyerdynamic T1

Denon AH D2000

Denon AH D5000

Denon AH D7000

Fischer FA-011

Grado SR60

Grado SR80

Grado SR125

Grado SR225

Grado SR325

Grado RS1

Grado RS2

Grado PS1

Hifiman HE-5

Hifiman HE-6

Stax SR-007

Stax 404

Stax 202

Sennheiser HD201

Sennheiser HD202


Sennheiser HD212


Sennheiser HD438


Sennheiser HD555


Sennheiser HD558


Sennheiser HD570


Sennheiser HD580


Sennheiser HD595


Sennheiser HD598


Sennheiser HD600


Sennheiser HD650


Sennheiser HD800

Sony SA5000

Sony R10


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I think you missed a few and added in some non AP headphones, *HD438 and not 448, no KSC75*

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Have you seen the contents of the Head Gear link yet? That's the whole purpose of that section. smily_headphones1.gif
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I'm sure I've missed plenty, i was hoping people would help me by listing headphones that should or shouldnt be on the list. the 201/202/212 for example, shouldnt. And the gear section is rather confusing to browse, i figured a clean list that doesnt mix in iems might be more practical.

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No AKGs? No JVCs? There are so many lists these days.


It would be more practical to rank headphones under their general purpose and then to rank them from inexpensive to expensive. Provide the specifications and you have a good basis for a database... 

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I'll add some AKGs, this is just the first step, hopefully I could load this all into a searchable database file.

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Beware, you could end up with large collection of headphones. This hobby can become addictive...

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Not following, yes, you can, but the list doesnt affect that, its just a convienent reference for the newbies.

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Among the MIA:


Audeze LCD-2


Grado GS and PS 1000

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