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Southeast PA mini meet impressions - Page 4  

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Quote:Originally Posted by leesure 

"My daughter was thrilled that Franklin (zhouf) brought a box of Frosted Flakes as he had skipped breakfast.  When he left them behind, she jumped all over them saying 'That guy has some good cereal!""

Probably more than $50k of gear there and she loved the $3 box of cereal. :)

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Yep...and I love her for that.
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Wait until she's a bit older before gloating about restraint.  When she becomes a teenager, her spending habits may become a matter of parental concern.  Ask me how I know this...  tongue_smile.gif


Enjoy her at this age.  She's a peach!  And all smiles as she was creating her art at the kitchen table.  You're a lucky guy!

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