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Southeast PA mini meet impressions - Page 3  

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I just wanted to make sure to thank Lee and his family again. I know how much work goes into these meets and Lee did a top notch job.

Jack, Fang and Vinnie pulled through to offer their amazing products for us to drool over.

Special thanks to Sphinxvc, Brasewel, nikongod, Aflac, Deadears, Shalingang and Lofty for making the meet enjoyable and thought provoking.

I enjoyed everyone's gear. It's always a pleasure to hear all the different combos.

Thanks again Lee for putting it together.

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You're all very welcome!  I had a blast. 


And thanks to everyone who either brought something or chipped in...I think I broke even on he day!  My wife was impressed with how respectful everyone was, so thanks for that! 


Here's the last batch...



















LOVING the punk yellow Mohawk, John!


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Hey Lee,

Thanks for the shot of that sad little MK1V SE sitting there all by itself.

Just heightens the fact I have some serious work to do to join the big boys.

Its time to go shopping!

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With that lens, your living room looks about 60 feet deep!  Plenty of room to invite 30 people next time, right?


Thanks for all the great pictures!  And thank you so much for hosting this meet.  Kudos especially to your patient wife and tolerant daughter, putting up with all the Geeks-with-Gear beyersmile.png


I think we all had a great time, and it was sized perfectly to actually be able to spend a bit of quality time listening in addition to doing the social thing.  You certainly have found some delectible gear, and your samples of the Woo amps, the Isabellina, the Lyr, etc. were a major asset to the meet. 


It was certainly a pleasure to meet you personally, and all the other Head-Fi posters.  Some familiar faces, and many new friends. I look forward to catching up with you all at future meets.



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Oh, and I forgot to thank you Lee for encouraging me to try the Norse headphone cables.  I had wanted to see what the difference might be.  I probably would not have bothered if you didn't remind me.  Very worthwhile!  It encouraged me to purchase a replacement cable for the stock one I've been using, although I ordered one of Steve Eddy's "Q" cables.  Perhaps you can listen to mine at the next meet!



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Wow Lee, I'm just really impressed with those photos.  Even if I prepared and used a tripod, I wouldn't be able to get the composition and lighting as nicely as you do just casually taking snapshots.


Just wondering, but how long has it taken all of you to feel competent at comparing different gear? I'm still at the "this sounds better, but I'm not sure why" stage, and want to get some feedback! 

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I'm still at that stage...just go with what sounds better!
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I don't think anyone ever gets out of that to a degree. You will, in time, start to get an idea of what you prefer. You might like clarity or deep bass. You might dislike when the vocals seem too distant. You'll see over time how that shakes out.

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I totally agree. Now, all 1k systems seem sound very good to me. It is very hard for me to tell which one is better, only the flavor is different. In fact, the HP1000 and R10 sound did not Wow me that much at the meeting, maybe the system did not match very well. 

The staxs are good, However, they are not for everyone because of not enough bass and thin sound. Rock, hiphop and electronic are definetely not a Stax thing. 

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The best way to learn about how to describe sound is to own a pair of headphones (long-term loan or buy; demoing and meet impressions are not enough) and read through descriptions of the sound. Reading one person's description may not give you a very good idea of how something will sound, but after you read 10, 50, 100 impressions about your pair of headphones, you start to lock in on its particular characteristics. The more headphones you listen to and read about, the better you get at describing sound. I was at that stage when I started about 8 months ago, and through a long process of buying, selling, and reading, I have a much better idea of what people mean when they say "this sound warm" or "this sounds laid back" or "this one has great texturing and is very organic, but doesn't extend very far". It's just a process that takes time.

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^^ x2. Like any other hobby you will eventually learn the audio jargon. What's essential is you knowing what sound rides your boat and what doesn't. Good luck

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My wife was impressed with how respectful everyone was, so thanks for that!


OMG!  She stayed and witnessed the orgy of headphones, amps, cables, yellow mohawks, and audio addicts?  COOL!  She's a keeper! biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Vinnie R. View Post

OMG!  She stayed and witnessed the orgy of headphones, amps, cables, yellow mohawks, and audio addicts?  COOL!  She's a keeper! biggrin.gif

Kudos also to Lee's daughter who tolerated our geeky invasion.  At one point she told me "you guys have a lot of stuff."  



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His son seemed to have the expression, "Gosh, these are some crazy people" biggrin.gif

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My daughter was thrilled that Franklin (zhouf) brought a box of Frosted Flakes as he had skipped breakfast.  When he left them behind, she jumped all over them saying 'That guy has some good cereal!"

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