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Originally Posted by Melvins View Post

chasing the dragon.

No inhaling illegal substances in a family forum please rolleyes.gif


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I can afford things because the government throws money at me...

yeah due to the fact nobodies hiring people right now,  here in the uk i've managed to live a life of luxary without having to pay rent,  £9000 a year  i'm on, and that's after £10000 goes to rent for my house, £4000 covers living expenses, leaving £5000 for anything else.


it's not exactly difficult to afford decent stuff in the UK. i really don't see why people complain that things are more expensive here... 

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chasing the dragon refers to the pursuit of something which inevitably is a nonexistent entity. What you associate it to is your personal decision. It's a common saying. That being said, where are these families you speak of?

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nvm I re-read your comment and it seems like it was intended to jest. my b

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I don't.


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I splurged a fair amount on my headphone system as I'm a 35yo software dev and spend at least 4 hours listening to it every day.  Certainly overkill for what is 'needed' but its helps me get into the zone, and I dare say it's already paid for itself.  Most of it was bought used, which means a fair amount can be recouped.


If I were a teen?  No effing way, my limit would prolly be $200 max.


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