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Definitely feeling the 5 year old thread bump lol


The King of Limbs is great though. Radiohead still relevant to this day.

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Originally Posted by rataplan View Post

when i upGrado'd to 325is from SR80s i was expecting to hear something completely new, sadly this wasn't the case. so i reckon, a lower set of Grados would do just fine, they still sound great on my SR80s!


have not listened to radiohead on Senns.

It's all about your source files. I've reencoded nearly all of my Radiohead to Apple Lossless and its amazing the level of detail in every one of their songs (at least post The Bends, which was a great rock album but not incredibly complex).

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I just got TKOL today and I'm really enjoying the album with totally flat EQ (normally I have 1 or 2 bass boost on my E7), and I'm really enjoying it with these Beyer's. beyersmile.png

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OK Computer was the last somewhat well engineered Radiohead album. Everything since clips like crazy, due to dynamic range compression. In Rainbows is the worst. It's so disheartening hearing the whole song just struggle on each bass thump in Down Is The New Up...nearly ruins the song.


Originally Posted by jadalias View Post

One thing to keep in mind is that Radiohead albums are very well recorded, and they all have a great soundstage. I would therefore reccomend some headphones that are known for reproducing a recording's soundstage well.

Grados and Etymotics don't fall into this category. In fact, canalphones in general aren't that great at reproducing a recording's soundstage.

I'd pick the Sennheiser HD580 or HD650 (both of which I've heard) or the Beyerdynamic DT-880 (which I haven't heard, but have a reputation around here as throwing a great soundstage).
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Originally Posted by monoethylene View Post

I can tell you this is really good pairing


The HD 650s are on my radar (listened to them at bay bloor radio in toronto, the piano sounded incredible). having just bought a new pair of Grado 325is and ATH-M50s in the last the last 5 months, i think it'd be wise to wait a while, or at least until a really great deal came along :)

Originally Posted by torifile View Post

It's all about your source files. I've reencoded nearly all of my Radiohead to Apple Lossless and its amazing the level of detail in every one of their songs (at least post The Bends, which was a great rock album but not incredibly complex).

Since buying the 325is i re-ripped/download most all the major albums to apple lossless, but i still didn't find a huge difference between the SR80 and 325is... only sounds marginally better on the 325is. i didn't notice any new details, but maybe that's because i know they're catalog inside and out... having listened hundreds in not thousands of times to each album throughout the years.

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Hello, does anyone know a good headphone for radiohead, preferably over ear, for around $100?


Thank you

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Copied from the HD800 appreciation thread:


Any Radiohead fans blown away by the HD 800 pairing?? Honestly I don't think I've ever heard a more synergistic combo. Rest of chain is Eximus DP1 and ZDSE. I know it's cliche to claim "I know it's cliche to claim I hear things for the first time...", but DAAAAAMN. It's not so much the stupid-crazy detail extraction of this combo-as much as the ethereal presentation. The holographic imaging (which all of my components are known for), seems absolutely made for this music. After listening with many other headphones, and even speaker systems-I truly am hearing Street Spirit, Lucky, Idioteque, Right Place and more for the first time. In fact, other headphones and speakers I've heard don't begin to reach this combo-to the degree that they just sound wrong. Like everything I've heard all of these years simply does the band no justice-in fact I wasn't a huge fan until I got the HD 800. It's seriously like sitting in the absolute middle of the psychadelic/electronic orgy of offbeat technical wizadry that Yorke and co. were experiencing all along. And if my TH900s can't capture this combo's magic-I will be re-purchasing the Senn-if only for Radiohead. It's that good. basshead.gif


Sorry for the slight off topic-but anyone with a (up to snuff) HD 800 rig needs to hear these guys, for well-the first time.



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Wow, I haven't seen a thread pulled back from so deep in the grave for a long time! 


Thread Necromancy



As far as a good headphone for under $100, your best bet is probably to just look at getting one of the better all-round headphones in that price range rather than looking for something that will specifically pair well with Radiohead. 

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Blame the guy above me. :)



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Recently purchased Shure 940s and Radiohead sounds amazing on them, as does Atoms for Peace!
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