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Klipsch Image One or AKG Q460?

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Hello everyone,

I am at a complete loss after hours of trawling the Internet for reviews and info on decent headphones for use with iPhone 4. This is my first time here at Head-Fi so I apologise for any wrong terminology or lack of knowledge, but hopefully you can help?

I have used my cheap but reliable Sennheiser CX 300's for an age on an old iPod. Now that I have changed to an iPhone 4, everything sounds too high on treble, but alot cleaner than before. At home, my love is my B&W speakers and Pioneer Amp. So I feel more spoilt for quality I am just starting to appreciate, and now want this in my headphones too.

I started to look at better quality in ear, and got confused by too much choice and seemingly ridiculous prices.

But, I now feel I am taken with the idea of On Ear headphones. I will use them with iPhone 4, mostly listening to electronica (bass heavy and detailed variants) and band (rock and indie), plus alot of spoken word podcasts.

I need the headphones to be comfortable, look good, have good music control remote and mic for calls, low profile, but overall really decent sound quality at not too ridiculous a price.

So these two headphones are where I have ended up, Klipsch Image One or AKG Q460, both get great reviews, but reviews are quite sparse and hard to find. It seems to be Bose ( boring sound and design ) and Dre Beats ( poor sound quality and over the top design ) everywhere you look!

These two choices of the Klipsch and AKG appeal to me, because of their small profile and size, apparent quality sound, mic and music control, good looks, fits my budget (sub £200).

But after sweating over some reviews I found, I cannot make my mind up. Both have pros and cons, but not sure which are real issues or not? Please help!

Klipsch Image One cons - Mic to far down chest? Mids are lost to bass?( but I am a bass head ), two wires and fiddly design?
Klipsch Image One advantages over Q460 - less noise leakage? (As I travel alot on trains), better shaped and fitting ear pads?

AKG Q460 cons - sound leakage? One review said they were semi closed? One review said muffled treble and highs? Fit and comfort of small round pads? What is different to the AKG K450 about the Quincy Jones thing, apart from colour and mic/control included as standard?
AKG Q460 advantages over Klipsch - prefer the look and love the black with lime detail. Love the single and therefore tidy one wire. Apparently better all rounders with sound quality?

Overall, they both seem to get positive reviews, with the Klipsch just having far more reviews available. Why do the prices vary so much online? £60 to £130? Are the cheap ones fakes?

Sorry about the long post, I don't expect answers to everything, but I would really value any answers you could give if possible? Thank you all if you can help...

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Hello all

I have decided to buy the AKG Q460's. Due to finding consistent reports of little or no sound leakage, plus better sound quality than the Klipsch's.

Paid a little more to buy direct from AKG, but their customer service and help has been brilliant.

Shall I burn these in? What MP3 files are there to use?

Will post again when I have any results from using them...
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