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Todd bought my beloved Wheatfield HA-2. It gives me comfort knowing that it went to a good home......... Just another great transaction with an early head-fi member!
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Bought an extra little Nano from T.R. Super fast shipping and extremely well packaged. He even threw in a new hard case for free. He did threaten to make me take the original Ipod Earbuds also but I talked him out it. LOL !!! Hope to deal again soon. Thanks Again Todd ,,,,,

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Sold an Ipod to Todd. He was great about replying quickly and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Highly recommended. Thanks Todd!
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Bought Todd's Wheatfield HA-2. Everything went well and amp arrived as described. Was a pleasure dealing with him. Thanks.
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I purchased Todd's TBH.  Communication was stellar.  Shipping and delivery couldn't have been much quicker.  This TBH will be used with a newer MacBook Pro.  Thanks, Todd!

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Bought UM3x from him, very nicely packed box and quick delivery to the UK. Item looks in excellent condition and very nice.

Thanks very much

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I bought Todd's DT800 with Cadras cable.  Great phones, smooth transaction, good communications, fast shipment.  Highly recommended.

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Todd sold me a Power Cable from Cardas.  He was very quick with responses and was way more accommodating to my financial situation than he should have been.  He was willing to wait while I sorted it out and was always kind and understanding.  Thanks a lot Todd.  If I can do business with him again I will.



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Had the pleasure to do repeat business with Todd, this time buying a Predator from him.  Highly recommended!

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I bought a Cardas Power Cord (1M) from Todd. Great communication and he shipped it out the very next day. A real asset to Head-fi and I would completely recommend doing business with him! A real class guy.

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