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I looking for some suggestions on some IEM's that would have a sound signature somewhere in between an Ety ER4S and a UE Tripple Fi-10.

I own both of these and keep switching back and forth. I find that I like the ER4s a lot more than the TF10.

The TF10's recessed midrange is my biggest complaint but I also find the mid-bass to be too much after a couple of albums of listening. With Comply tips on them I like the highs. With the Sony hybrid tips on them the highs are to bright but the mid-bass is a little better.

Now for the ER4's, love the detail and the clarity. Would like more bass but not in the mid-bass region. I would like the extra bass in the 60hz and below region. I would also like them to be a little brighter on the top end of the highs, 8-10khz and up.


So far the two IEMs that have stood out from what I have read is the Audio Technica ATH-CK10 (no longer available and expensive for anything left) or the Monster Turbine Coppers. Does anybody have any inputs on these for what I am after?

I think I have ruled out a warm sound signature as that equates to more mid-bass.

I don't think I am ready to jump into the world of customs yet.


My ideal sound would be that of the home audio Paradigm Studio 60 speaker. I have these on my home system and love the sound. This is what I would ideally like in and IEM but I am afraid I am not going to be able to achieve this, at least not without spending more than I should.


If anybody has any ideas of what to look into, I'm all ears...