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Studio Monitor Concerns

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Hi everyone!


I began searching for a 2.1 set of speakers for my desktop.  Eventually studio monitors were recommended and I have since been going through all the different options.  They will only  be used for gaming, music, and movies.  My concern then is that the studio monitors may be too harsh for my needs.  Of course I want crystal clear, detailed sound, but the speakers need to be enjoyable.


Ultimately these are the options I have been considering:


1. krk-rp5 with krk 10s sub:  This seems like a good set, front port is a large plus as they will be near a wall.  They are rather large though.



2. Yamaha HS50M with HS10W sub:  I have heard really good things about the HS50M's and I've also heard they can be a bit harsh and not 'fun' to listen to.  They are a bit smaller which is nice and they have some sort of adjustment on the rear to account for near wall placement.  Rates high on the sexy meter.  Sub is only 8", don't know if that will be good or bad.



3. Audioengine A2 with AS8B sub:  These are front ported and small which is almost perfect.  They also aren't studio monitors and I've heard they are more of a 'fun' speaker.  I just wonder if they will be 'good' enough, I really want some great speakers that will last me for some time. Again the sub is only 8".



4.Audioengine A5 with AS8B sub:  These are rather large, and are not front ported.  They too have been described as a 'fun' speaker.  I wonder if there is any point in going here instead of the A2's as they will be paired with a sub for the low end.



5.M-Audio BX5a with SBX10 sub:  I was originally going to go with this set but it seems that they have been having a bit of a quality control problem over at M-Audio with these speakers.  The monitors are not front ported unfortunately but they seem like a good price.  The sub probably has the best specs of the bunch response wise(on paper).



So what to do, are there options I'm missing?  I'm pretty much set on a 2.1 system, and I can spend up to $800 for the set all told(although lower is better!).  As you can see I like to pair brands but if there is a good argument to mix and match I'm all ears.


Thanks for your help! 

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I don't know much about most of them, but I can say, the BX5As are ported, its in the rear. I also read a lot about their problems, but mine, bought around 2 years ago, are still going strong, without any problems. 

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I have a friend who I recently poisoned into getting monitors as an alternative to separate headphones, amps and dacs, considering the noise levels wont be too loud for his neighbors. We compared the BX-5 to the Samson Resolv 6a and he went for the latter because of the RCA input and the former had some sybillance. Source was the store's Tascam CDPlayer. He still thinks he needs a sub for party music though, but for a pair that's neutral on audiophile jazz it does have enough bass that he's just using his dad's spare HT sub on the floor under the table for now.

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I'm not sure any monitor isn't ported.


AudioEngines aren't marketed as "studio monitors", although the line between them and "consumer speakers" is quite blurred these days. I will say, though, that comparing the A5 to the KRK RP5 (1st gen) I notice the A5 seems more adept at filling a large space with sound better. This may be the main point of a studio monitor--great clarity with the mons close to your ears, at low volumes.


A5 is rear ported and putting it close to a wall WILL be a problem.

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Sorry I meant front ported.


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I’d recommend you to look into serious manufactures – Adam, Genelec, JBL, Mackie. And getting an absorption panel behind each monitor will remove the problem with positioning them close to a wall. 

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What makes those manufacturers any more serious than the rest (other than Adam and Genelec cost a lot more...)??


Or, my advice is, you could get any one of those you mentioned and spend the rest on room treatment. You'll be much happier.

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Prodipe pro 5 and the prodipe 10s sub, the prodipes aren't harsh because they have silk dome tweeters and perform better than most the monitors you listed.
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What makes those manufacturers any more serious than the rest (other than Adam and Genelec cost a lot more...)??

We are talking about studio monitors here, and these brands make outstanding monitors in many price ranges (you won't find $500-per-pair PMC monitors). No need to say that many professionals chose them as a reference, as a benchmark. KRK and M-Audio are good, but if you want something better...

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I'm not concerned with what studio monitors are the best, I'm wondering about what studio monitors are best for normal listening(music, games, movies).

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Audioengine speakers are more of bookshelf speakers than studio monitors imo (but they have a stellar reputation). I don't know where you live, but if there's a Guitar Center or anything like that, you might want to go down there and give them a try.


On a personal note, I've been using studio monitors for years, and I've always been content with them.

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I'm wondering about what studio monitors are best for normal listening(music, games, movies).

None and any.

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lol that was deep fella

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The Focal CMS series are wonderful to listen to music on,... but out of your price range I think. I think the main thing to remember with monitors is that can vary just as much as hifi speakers, just that they're obviously designed to be listened to at a much closer distance. I dunno about the megabucks monitors, although it's probably the same, but certainly all the ones affordable for most bedroom enthusiasts vary in terms of sound sig which means they may/may not sound good to you. Some people like the ribbon tweeter on the Adam AX series, some find it fatiguing, some find KRKs hyped sounding, some find them enjoyable. As with any speaker, don't blind-buy, try and audition it first.


A sub isn't really necessary for music if the monitor is big enough, e.g. 5" +, although that probably covers about 85% of music, so if you're a diehard dubstep fan who wants to feel the sub-bass drops then you'd probably want a dedicated unit. When I auditioned the Focals I was worried that as a 2.0 set up they'd lack authority and weight in the bass, but I was pleased to be proved very wrong. That doesn't mean I wouldn't add one in the future, but I won't feel like I'm missing out too much either!

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Thanks for the reply, the more I thought about it the more I realized that a smaller speaker would be best for my desktop.  That doesn't seem to leave too many options in my price range but I think I will be happy with the A2's.

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