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V-Moda Vibe vs. Monster Turbines?

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So, I know there aren't very many Monster fans here, but I was wondering if anyone has tried both the Turbines and the Vibes and has an opinion on both.

I've had the Vibes before and I thought they were great for the price ($20 shipped on eBay). I really like a good, strong bass. However, the construction quality of Vibes is terrible; they break very easily. Therefore, I am looking for something of equal sound with better construction and reliability.

If the Turbine's are not any better in quality than Vibes I think I'll take my chances and buy another set.

Not a big fan of the s4's. I'm pretty determined to get either Turbines or Vibes.

Thank you for your feedback!
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The Monster Turbines have a loyal following here (especially the Pro line of Gold and Copper and the Miles Davis tribute edition)...they aren't like the rest of the Monster products, so don't let that fool you.  The Turbines are fantastic for the price (refurb from Monster 50 bucks) or brand new 100 bucks on something like Amazon.  


That said, they are significantly better than the Vibes, especially, as you mentioned, build quality.  They are one of my top two bass oriented headphones under 100 bucks...so you really can't go wrong with them, especially for 50 bucks refurb.


Check out the Turbine Appreciation thread and you can see all the love they get in the bass-centric market.

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Thank you for your reply!


I will definitely look into the Turbine Pro's (as they have lifetime warranty rather than the 3 year the regular Turbines have). It'd definitely be worth it. Coppers for only ~$220 on Amazon!


As for now, I recently purchased the Wicked Jaw Breaker IEM's and they are actually pretty amazing for $7 (Amazon). I believe they also come with a lifetime warranty. :) They're not bass heavy, but they have decent bass. Sound overall matches Vibe's, I think.

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I had the MD Trib's and sold them in 2wks...I still have my standard Turbines though. (standard, not pro) The Turbine is on sale at Monster outlet for $49 for refurbs. Had the VModa Remix, not vibe. Gobs of bass, but artificial sounding...like the s4's. Bleh.


Turbines are awesome for $49!!

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V-moda Vibrato headphones have insane deep bass. I used to own the Vibes then bought the Vibrato's. For $129.00 It's worth it!! only thing is the wire is not so durable so take care of the wire because if you don't it will wear on you.


The Monster Turbine Pro's have the same deep bass as the Vibrato's the only difference is durability. It has noise cancelling technology and is waterproof. Oh and its $280.00.


personally I'd go with the V-moda Vibrato headphones. Just take care of it and it will last.

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