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Hi everybody,


I'm new to this forum.  My brother is big into AV stuff, and he recommended I post my question here, as it kinda stumped him.


Here's the basic rundown of what I'm looking for, and how they will be used:


My wife is a pediatric dentist and is installing 7 flat screen TV's in seven different treatment rooms in her office.  The TV's will be mounted on the ceiling, and when kids lay down, they will be looking at the ceiling, and be able to watch TV.


My wife has said that wired headphones are out of the question, as the wire would get in the way, not matter how we tried to thread it it the TV.  


Now, about a month ago, I bought my wife 3 pairs of RS 120's for this same purpose, but I think the RF signals are overlapping and causing a lot of feedback.


So, I'm thinking that, since each room has walls, the best option is to get some Infrared headphones that would prevent further feedback problems.  


Also, the RS 120's are too big for the kids heads, so she wants smaller ones if possible.  I am finding this requirement especially tricky, as the market for infrared wireless headphones for kids is, as I would guess, non existent. 


So far, I have looked at:


Sony MDR-IF240RK




Koss HB70


Am I missing out by not looking at headphones that use Kleer technology?  Or would these also be subject to feedback problems with so many in an office?


Budget is up to $150 per set


So, to summarize:

Need 7 pairs of wireless headphones in ONE office

Will be used for KIDS, so smaller is definitely better

Looking at infrared to avoid feedback and signal overlap

budget up to $150/set