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I contacted the seller and he reconfirmed it yet again. He sells silver cable not silver plated cable. That add you are looking at is a retailer for him and he just contacted the retailer to have him fix that add as it is wrong. He thanks both you and me for bringing this to his attention. Remember this seller is from China so labor is cheaper there so you can get more for your money. It is a silver cable and not silver plated so if you want to save money you just found where to buy it from. I'm gonna order a silver cable lod from him very soon. Hes got some good products. Thank you


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Dear jleeangelo,

Hi Jimmy,
So sorry that reply late because we are so busy these day in making cables for some clients.
We have check the link you found,it is post by a agent of us.
He just make a mistake in understanding the different between silver and silver plated.
We have told him to change to a correct description.
Thank you for telling us.

Best regards

- zeroshoe_12000
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Hello Zeroshoe I purchased a Silver Galaxy cable from you a while ago and I also asked you if this was a pure silver cable and not silver plated. Now I am finding that this is not actual silver cable and is just silver plated? At least that is the case according to this link which also sells the silver galaxy cable but in the description it says silver plated. So pretty much that is false advertising. The link is located below.

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Don't know what 'Silver Dragon' cable you are describing? All the Moon Audio cables I Googled are way, way over $100 like $190 and up, AND they are not made with 100% Silver Wire. The IEM cable is a combination of silver wire and silver plated copper wire:




They do make Pure Silver cable but it's for full size headphones and costs $225.




If you find a Pure Silver wired cable for less please let us know...




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Hello all


Yes I am still alive and kicking, been a while since I have been here, but I wanted to update you all on my Sennheiser IE8's.  About a week ago, I decided to replaced the silicon earpieces with brand new Senneheiser official ones, I removed the silicon earpiece off the left hand side and was shocked to see the actual shaft which holds the metal mesh actually disconnected from the body of the IE8 earphones.  Now, I have only had these for 11 months, and I look after all my headphones, especially for this price range - around AU$540.


Closer inspection reveals this shaft is attached to the main body during manufacturing, and is not part of the body (one piece) unlike the IE7's.  I contacted the company I purchased these from, as these have a 2 year warranty and contacted Sennheiser as well.  The supplier told me they contacted their supplier and indeed I will get a straight swap, but to the brand new IE80's without paying an extra cent, so I'm not really complaining.

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