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For Sale: Sony MZ-RH1 HiMD player for sale

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For Sale:
Sony MZ-RH1 HiMD player for sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Sony MZ-RH1, with the cloth case, remote, a very small microphone and at least one HiMD disk.


This is the best MD unit Sony ever made, with the coveted features such as the ability to play MP3s and record directly from SPDIF digital, for lossless recording! It looks like it's still available on Amazon:


I used to use this unit to record shows and I hate to let it go because the sound quality is honestly stunning, with extremely low noise levels. I was always amazed to be able to use the same unit to record ultra faint bird sounds and 120dB gunshots without distortion. I also used it to record vinyl playing through my stereo using a binaural head...very good way to take your stereo/listening room with you on the go.


The unit is in good shape without scratches, 'brassing' or pocket wear, but there is a shallow dent in the underside. Also, I have not used this unit in over a year; so I cannot say how good the battery is. It takes a charge fine, but I don't know how much capacity it still has. I would like to sell it (best offer) or trade toward vinyl paraphenalia, records, subwoofer or subwoofer amp, photography or darkroom stuff, weapons of any kind, electronics/robotics stuff, or other geekery.

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Further price drop: 125 obo. Still interested in trades as well.

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I actually lost this in the latest move, and just found it today. It charged right up and works fine. Quite nostalgic since it has recordings from college lectures (but I will format them out). I also found two regular minidiscs with music on them which I will not format. I could not find the small microphone, though. It was just a homemade thing anyway. Bump with pictures.


If you don't believe me about how good this sounds, you can find a recent thread about it here:


I don't do portable audio at all, I stopped using DAPS several years ago or I would certainly keep it. This is a very good player to record your vinyl and playback with utmost quality.  And such a low price!





In this picture you can see the dent as well as the Velcro(r) dots that I used to keep it from sliding off my car's dashboard.

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