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ATH BB500 Just In. UNBOXIN and first Impressions

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I just receive the Audio Technica ATH BB500 and want to share with you my first impressions along with some unboxin pics.


I order them directly to Japan via Ebay with a price of $98 + S&H




Out of the box, they sound great, just as expected.  They are not top notch (i.e. I dont think they are better than the ATH-m50) but really good.  Compare with what I own they are even if not better (I own Sony MDR-CD200, Sony MDR 7506 and Sennheiser HD280).

Bass is heavy but good, not as heavy as the Sony XB serie. Subtly detailed on the mids and hi with deep rich bass.

*I'm sorry I couldn't explain better, I'm not good at this*




They look way good.  Is like "macho" stile. 

They are big but nothing exaggerated.

The construction is excellent.  Doesn't fell cheap at all, the pads are really good, the cable is just ok in length and quality.




Is weird have them on the back of the neck, but is a nice design if you want to keep your hair style.

The pads are comfortables and they feel good on the ears.

They will feel like moving if you look up (because of the neck thing).

The ear cup has an oval form (for the ears i think), and I'm just noticing right now that you can rotate them to fix better (WAY GOOD)




They are worth buying.  They have the style (a lot of !!!), they have the sound and quality, and they are comfortables (at least up to now) 



As I say before, I'm not good at this so questions are welcome





I couldn't wait to arrive home so I took them on the car


the box














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Cool looking headphones!
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They look promising, thanks for the write up!! 

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That is seriously fresh, especially how your supposed to wear it.
And they look stylish.
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I'd get the camo, they look amazing!!

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