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Alternative cable for AKG K450/Q460

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I've recently purchased an AKG q460 headphone. While  I am pleased with the purchase (I will post a brief review once I have some spare time), I am not pleased (to say the least) by it's cable. The cable is detachable, but the quality of the materials is questionable. Another point of annoyance regarding the cable is it's length. There are two cables supplied with the headphones. One cable is iOS compatible and is sufficiently long - about 1m (yeah I know, but wait for it). The other cable is plain audio cable but...it is about 50cm long, (short would be the more appropriate term here).

The question is - are there replacement cables for the AKG k450/q460? I saw some cables on eBay for 26$, but I am not sure as of their build quality.

I am really looking to upgrade the cable to a better quality one. I was even thinking of making a custom cable using the plug from the short cable (the plug looks like an elongated version of a 2.5mm mini jack).

Does anyone know of custom cable maker can advise me on that? 





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A Diyer could make one for you, or call up ALO or Whiplash and see if they can. Drew at Moon Audio can also rewire them in you want 

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Hi snuffkin,


I recently ordered the 26$ cable on Ebay, so if you're ready to wait for approx. a week until I can share some real-world impressions on that cable with you...


There are numerous satisfied customers commenting on the quality of the cable on Ebay, seems to be a Sony, well, we'll see what it really is :)



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Thanks, that would be awesome!




Thanks, I will check them out

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Today, I received the K450/Q460 upgrade cable we have been talking about. 


The black cable is twice as long and noticeable thicker than the (shorter) 3-Pin cable that came with the headphones and features a 90° mini-jack plug with the Sony label (together with the well-known green insulation rings on the gold-plated connector). The locking multi-pin fits the Q460 without any problems. 




When A-Bing the cables via my Practical Devices XM6, I noticed a more defined sound with the upgrade cable, bass seemed to be more defined and the overall sonic picture is less "wobbly" in comparison to the original cable. The difference is not day & night, and definitely not a game changer, it also won't change the overall sound characteristics of the Q460 but at the price tag I consider this cable a viable upgrade option to squeeze out a bit more sound quality. And the cable is longer, too.


Hope this could help a bit,





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Thanks Vandaven!


It helps a lot to see the cable from a closer perspective, and to read your A-Bing opinion.


Is the cable sturdier than the original? You mentioned it being thicker, but is it well made?


And what is the approximate length of the cable?




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How long is this cable?

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The cable is 1,05 meters from plug connection to plug connection, double as long as the original 3-pin. In regards to sturdiness, I already consider the original cable as pretty sturdy, the upgrade is not as flexible (because it's thicker) but makes quite a sturdy and well made impression to me. Really depends what you want to do with the cable. I wouldn't use it to dangle on top of Niagara Falls darthsmile.gif.


Now, as the length of the cable is approximately the length of the included 4-pin cable (the one with the mic / switches), it's not really an upgrade in regards to length when you want to interface to an i-device. But considering the fact that it's longer than the 3-pin that ships with the Q460 it comes in pretty handy as there are a couple of devices that either give me hum or a bad fit when I use the 4-pin cable, also you shouldn't use the 4-pin cable when interfacing to 1/4". 



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Funny thing about this cable is that its 2.5mm end looks like it will fit the Sennheiser HD598.   I've had problems with finding a shorter cable, as the hd598 has a very narrow entry way and requires a balanced 2.5mm adapter.  No adapters exist that are of a high enough quality that are balanced and will fit that entry way.  I just ordered one of these from akg direct from the parts department. 


I hope it fits my HD598 heh, the 2.5mm end looks identical to the stock 598 cable

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I'm sorry, I didn't catch the name of the cable, can you provide it? 


I own a Q460 and I think the cable is really thin and looks fragile. I wish AKG sell a thicker cable. 
A friend of mine own a pair of Beats Solo by Dre and the cable is REALLY thicker. 
But I rather AKG than anything at all. (I own 3 models by AKG, K99, K512 and Q460. and I used to own a K414p but I gave it to my brother). 


Thanks in advanve.

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don't know if this cable is thicker, but it is a cheap replacement option.

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Hoi Vandaven,


I have the white 460 and the 3 pin cable is to short. The 4 pin doesn't work with my Omnia HD i8910. I wonder where did you buy the Sony cable?

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the part number for the longer K450 cable from AKG is 2544K00040. It is 1.1m like the iOS cable of our Q460 but is 3-pin like our smaller one.

It's not lime green but for the sake of convenience I can get over that lol.

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You wouldn't believe i am having the same problem.. i need a decent cord.. i only just bought mine 2 months ago.. really upset about it! let me know if you found a soloution please? also i find the gear to be a little bit if a tight fit.

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