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sure Josh wink.gif welcome to the thread:)

Solarstone's take on a huge classic - "Orkidea - Unity" (check out the original as well!)
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^^^^ 9, good long track.


I mostly listen to Touhou Trance, so that's all I got to throw in.  More F9 because I love her voice.   A new release from a few months ago.



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sweet vocal track, 7.5/10

This is my TOTY of 2006... was a great year for trance
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Ah, the trance atmosphere. Good track and good to be back. Soothing and relaxing. I give it 8/10.


Here's my try at this, a little bit of old hard stuff.


Rexanthony - Capturing Matrix (Hystorical Version)


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whoa, oldie. not really my style but a nice track nevertheless. 7/10

A truly fantastic track by Signum, and my favorite by them ("Push Through" comes very close, check it out!):
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Really likin' some of Armin Van Buuren's new stuff, but for me, it has to be, this.



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Not a massive fan of W&W to be honest.. I prefer their stuff from 2-3 years ago..


Heres a golden oldie for you guys ;)



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Yeah their new stuff walks a fine line between house and trance to be honest.
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8/10, pretty catchy but a little short.


Here's one of my favorites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDPJuAxZaOo

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Originally Posted by razor5cl View Post

Really likin' some of Armin Van Buuren's new stuff, but for me, it has to be, this.




Really liking his new stuff as well. Reprise, This is What it Feels Like, Intense.

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Ilan Bluestone "43"
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