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I built mine as well.  Have yet to upload pictures for owen, but performs exactly as described and is sound controlled by the buffalo it is connected to.

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I'm jealous!


I was late following the thread on the other site so missed out on the GB.  Although I thought the organizer said he will announce when some "defectve" BAL-SE boards will be available after all the other boards were shipped.  Anyone know if this to has already passed?  I don't want to ask directly since the GB organizer had complained of too many PMs. Recently he stated they are all gone now.  Anyone here know for sure?  Any chance of another GB?

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no defective Bal-SE boards were made, i assume you mean SE-SE and yes they are all gone. i have a BAL-SE PCB from the first gen you can buy if you like? no changes to the design, just a few changes to the layout

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Thanks for the offer - I may be interested...


Why was there a change to the BAL-SE layout?

Was there a noise issue with the 1st gen. PCB layout?

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nothing wrong with the layout at all, no noise issue unless you dont pay attention to signal and power supply wiring, but thats the same with any of them as its a DC coupled input and output, very wideband amplifier. he probably just took the opportunity to make it thinner or just more inline with the other new amps layouts when he was doing the new PCBs, parts are identical and from the measurements the performance is identical

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Originally Posted by qusp View Post

i have a BAL-SE PCB from the first gen you can buy if you like?

OK, PM'd


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I'm looking for a BAL-BAL, if anybody want to sell it please let me know..

thank you,




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I'm sure I'm late to the party. If anyone has a lead on a SE-SE PCB let me know. I'd love to compare this amp to the O2.

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Originally Posted by ylingf View Post

I have built and used my bal-bal amp for a few weeks now.  It is definitely true to its name - just like a piece of wire, utterly transparent.


Some pictures:



Which enclosure and torroid did you use?  Looks nice.

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I've sourced a SE-SE rework PCB, just need a power supply PCB to get this going. If all else fails I know I do have a bunch of power supply options. I have some time before I start this project so I figured I'd try. Another CTH project fell into my lap, so I have to build that first.

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Originally Posted by ylingf View Post


And Antek transformer



Did you use the 12Vdc or 15Vdc torroid?

Oh, and which fused AC switch panel did you use on your enclosure?


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Just stumbled on the fact that a new GB for The Wire is going on at diyaudio for those of us who missed out on the initial goaround.  Excited!  Link: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/vendors-bazaar/237152-wire-official-boards-all-projects-available-here-bal-bal-se-se-lpuhp.html

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I'm glad opc is making all of his "wire" amps available for the DIY world to enjoy. IMO The Wire SE-SE is better than the O2 in terms of resolution and detail. It requires a bit more space though with a power supply and transformer, but it's worth it.

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Bumping this thread since more boards are going out. I just made payment for a BAL-BAL and PSU board. I can't wait to get it started! I'm currently ordering my parts list and I'm wondering, what is a good quality/price PSU for the BAL-BAL? Is there a decent case on ebay that can fit all of it for a good price too? TIA

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