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Reported to forum mods. Klazutin and myself had an in-person exchange whereby he inspected and tested the headphones and was happy prior to the exchange. It took him a full 6 weeks before he reverted with allegations that the headphones were then "faulty" with strong insinuating tones. Note that i am an established poster registered since 2004 with numerous flawless feedback to date and I find it perplexing that a new forum user with no history and minimal postings would have the audacity of thread hijacking. 


This stands out as a warning to all sellers to be wary of users who purchases headphones even after trying them, then took more than a month to state it was faulty (if it really was, this should have been reported well within a week). My educated guess is that in reality, klazutin decided that the sound signature was not to his liking and decide to find fault in the hope of a return. Unfortunately I am not Amazon and do not operate in such a manner (I doubt Amazon accepts any returns which are more than a month old as well by the way). Happy to disclose further information and full email exchanges to anybody who requires this.


I guess anyone can see how eitook and I couldn't find a common ground here. Indeed it took me 4 (not 6) weeks to get back to him, because it was only at that time that I had an opportunity to compare the headphones he sold me with other two pairs to confirm that they indeed were faulty. Even though I had my suspicions long before that, there was no way I could prove them before I held an A-B test.


I think it would suffice to say that eitook never expressed any interest in actually listening to the pair he sold me and comparing it to another pair - which could easily show which one of us was right and which could have been arranged. The vigour with which he claimed that the headphones were perfect and his utter denial to work this out only led me to believe that he indeed had known something was wrong before the sale.


This story ended well for me - I managed to sell the HD25 eitook sold me, albeit at a loss, and I sold it as faulty. I then bought another pair of HD25 and couldn't have been happier with it (so much for me not liking the sound signature of HD25). I now rest my case as there is nothing left for me to prove. I will now leave it for other users and moderators to make out what they will out of this situation.