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removed the filters today because i lost the green thing which came inside the filters and the sound was pretty sibilant... the combo is sm3 v2 without filters earprotech custom tips and the texas cable, without the filters separation increases, bass impact, clarity and detail the guys which did that were right i guess this sounds better than my ex1000...ill try them more hours and give my final conclusions but very impressed. I did it with a simple pin.


The bad thing is that they are more sibilant in some songs

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Yeah I see increased sibilance as the only downside to removing the filters, unless you are a fan of the SM3s smoothness because the mids emphasis transfers from lower mids to right around 1k and they sound a little more mid-forward; I compare the unfiltered SM3 mids to a toned-down ASG-1. And yeah, definitely a little nudge in the bass impact, it doesn't give any more bass emphasis tonally but it loses that softness and becomes a little more tactile IMO. I am getting a UM3x on loan from a fellow head-fier and am eager to compare because I suspect removing the filters makes them more midcentric and forward like I've read about the Westones.

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i have the um3x and the sound of the sm3 v2 without filters is more close to them than with the filters that's for sure, anyway the um3x doesn't come with filters isn't it? i still think i enjoyed more the um3x with custom tips than the sm3 but without filters things are changing i find the sm3 as bright as the um3x now.  about the ex1000 i must say that when they perform good a song they still become untouchable against my other universals.

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Really? I think the defiltered SM3 are almost V-shaped compared to the UM3x, definitely brighter and with more weight/impact in the bass, and perhaps a little more bass coloration, but also a bit less bass body. The Westones are very neutral and a bit dark, mid-focused; they actually remind me slightly of my Shure SE215 in terms of tonality, not as warm but similarly mid-focused. I think the UM3x soundstage is bigger overall, but it has an inner limit and the imaging and separation are not as good as the SM3. I believe dynamics are better on the SM3, and the bass has more "feel" to it; the whole sound is more crisp ad textured and feels much more immediate and present to me, whereas the UM3x seems mid-focused but tonally neutral and slightly sterile. UM3x feels more like a musician's tool, whereas the SM3 are much more enjoyable to me personally.


The build quality is NO competition at all, Westone blows Earsonics out of the water. I would kill babies for SM3s built like these.

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So found something neat out today. While I was contemplating removing the filters from my SM3's and if I really NEEDED that much of a change, I recalled the HF5's I just got in. The user was kind enough to give me some extra white filters that he got (the NRB mod thread is a great reference for this). They made the normally neutral-ish HF5's as bright and analytical as the PFE's with grey filters.



So I figured, hell, why not?



Swapped the white filters in the SM3's. Love the sound. They are what I envision the W4's to sound like, overall neutral with a nice mid accentuation to keep it sweet. The treble opened up great, and the bass is very tight but still has presence. This might save me a silver cable upgrade!

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Originally Posted by mosshorn View Post

Swapped the white filters in the SM3's. Love the sound. They are what I envision the W4's to sound like, overall neutral with a nice mid accentuation to keep it sweet. The treble opened up great, and the bass is very tight but still has presence. This might save me a silver cable upgrade!


Sounds allot like what the sensorcom doubles did to my SM3v1 everything else standard.

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with the texas cable and whitout filters you have everything, brighter clear detailed sound and powerful bass. i recommend it with this mod, i compared it with the stock cable and the sound is much better in my opinion and less sibilant cause treble is a bit reduced but there is bright enough to make some songs a bit sibilant but not too much, i also use custom tips which i suppose increase bass impact too.


But after two days the sound is really impressing me how clear,crisp, detailed and punchy is; and if you add this to the fantastic imaging of this headphones and the big soundstage...atsmile.gif

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Hey, sm3 lovers!!


what kind of tips use with sm3 v2?


My original foam tips are already dirty. so need replacement.

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Stock biflanges are the best for me, but I also use Shure grey Flex tips and occasionally a hybrid tips comprised of a Sennheiser double flange on top of a reversed Flex tip, which gives a really nice, thorough seal.

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I like my Shire Olives on them smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by omen-dude View Post


I’m sure they will fit, just don’t want to make any assumptions.

Let us know what you think of the sensorcoms with the V2s.



I've given the SM3 V2 a couple of weeks with the Sensorcom Dual Flange, but quickly decided that I preferred the Original Dual Flange tips that were provided with the SM3.  I also got a couple of MC Triple Flange tips ( together with a Shure Olive spacer - these are my favourites by a long way....  deep accurate bass, clear well defined treble and intimate midrange.


Very happy, enjoying my SM3s more and more.



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Does anyone know of a basic amp that will minimize hiss from the SM3?

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I had zero hiss from my C421!

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i'm getting a good seal, aka good bass response from either the large Complys or the biflanges, but there is very little isolation.  i can still hear everything around me, although a bit muffled - this with no music playing...reminds me of the situation i had with the Shure 535s.  Grado gr10 and Ortofon eq5s black out almost all external sound.  Wonder if it's simply a shape issue with the housings re" my ear shape.


  any ideas?  

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I wonder how's about sound quality between sm3v2 and heir 3ai?

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