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now i'm not sure if to get the sleeved or the non ..


sleeved looks kinda blucky and i think it we be hassle while on the move

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The sleeve isn't that heavy, but it is easier portable to go non-sleeved. A shirt clip helps, too. I would burn in the cable when you get it, too. It'll sound a little darkish at first, but opens up after a bit. If I were you and you were willing to spend $200, I'd get the SPC cable used and the Midnight. Compare them, see what you prefer.
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i think i'll get the midnight, my budget kinda low .. need to save for some decent second hand amp ..


any other impressions from the midnight beside heavy bass?

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I think it just enhances what the SM3 does already. I hate to use this term "refine," but in this case I believe it applies- that it refines the sound of the SM3. It sounds more dynamic and clearer. What it doesn't do is make the sound signature sound thinner and unnaturally brighter like the Starlight did. The Starlight was a better match for the UM3x and my old Westone custom the ES2.
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considering "midnight" is all black i ordered non-sleeved

thnx alot for the help! :beerchug:

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should i get JDS C421 (OPA2227) or C5 or none at all?

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I had the C5, and after about 4 months with it I decided the forward mids weren't to my liking with the SM3. For me, it wasn't a perfect match but that's personal preference, same as everything else. I like the Leckerton UHA-4 (with AD8620) and the UHA-6S MK II ( AD797 or ADA-4627) low gain version. The UHA-4 is smaller and more compact but may be harder to find. The 6s MK II is probably more available because a new model is coming out. Both sound real good but the 6S MK II is a step up sonically. It's more powerful and adds more soundstage and depth, but it's a bit bigger and heavier, but definitely still portable ( I use either of them at the gym in my pocket strapped to my IPod Classic). A lot of SM3 owners don't use an amp, the rationale being it doesn't need one. I don't think it needs one either, but an amp can definitely add something, like that last 15-20% that for me, makes it worth it.
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Hey Pete, quick question regarding the UM3x and the SM3 v2 which would you prefer for electronica music? I am leaning more towards the SM3 in general because I am getting these for listening pleasure and from what I read the SM3 is more enjoyable? I am moving up from the UE700's :)


You talked about the 6S MkII leckerton amp and how it was good since it built on the already great parts of the SM3. But how about the UHA-4? Does it also add to the experience, but just less that the 6S MkII. Im thinking about pulling the trigger on that exact combo :) portability with some style (bulky not preferred :P ) is what im going for, hence the UHA-4 over the 6S.

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My Cable gave out....


I´ve seen a 10 euro cable on ebay,

and a 30 euro silver replacement from FiiO.


any other options ?

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Just got these
My first iem
I use an hisound studioV
Very comfortable I like their mids
Laid back and pretty dark sound
They remind me a bit senn hd650
(Of course, unfortunately, with less impact in the bass/sub bass)
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