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Portable Cans - K450 v ES55 v Image ONE... Or somthing else?

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Hi, I'm new here and after some new headphones for my iPod, but i need to fit them in my work bag so they need to fold as flat and small as possible, but I would like them to be closed and isolate as much as possible.


I was about to go out and buy some Bose OE, but when I noticed that everbody on my train seemed to have them I wanted something different so I did a bit of research.  Once you get past the smaller lightweight headphones, there are not really that many options.


These 3 seemed to be what stood out.


AKG K450

Audio Technica ES55

Klipsch Image ONE - these are about the biggest i would get as they do not really fold that flat.


I have read mixed reviews for all of these but nowhere seems to compare them against each other.


Do you have any opions or experience of these or could suggest any suitable alternatives.


Also interested how they compare against the Bose OE, I am assuming that they are all better as they seem to get blasted everywhere!





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What's your price range Weberlino?


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I was also researching the K450 and ES55 as a gift for my gf. I ended up going with a pair of refurb ES7 since they were so cheap. Here's some info I found. 

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Well, now I have been to the electronics store. If you know something about Japanese electronics stores, however, you'd understand that it is very difficult to audition and compare headphones (unless they are completely isolating). There is so much noise in the store with music and announcements that it cuts through the music.


I bought my Kenwood MP3 player and my ATH ES7. I compared them to the ES55 and a bit to the AKG K450. If it was between the K450 and the ES55, I would choose the ES55. As Jubei says, the choice between ES7 and ES55 is more difficult. The ES55 felt slightly more bassy than the ES7.

I would rank them:





Depending on your budget, you will still get a good set of headphones whichever you choose.

I am sorry for not being able to compare them more thoroughly, but then I would need more quiet than Yodobashi can offer...




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Pity you're not into open models. The AKG's k420 is absolutely stunning. Its small and envelops the head and ears without much effort or space. Seals nicely for hours and sounds brilliant...


Also highly recommended are the Jays C-Jays..  but they're also open cans...





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Thanks for your advice.


My budget is upto about £150


I looked at the Fanny Wangs and they look to be a bit bulky when folding up as the cups dont twist and they are not very flat at all though.

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I have a pair of virtually unused Klipsch Image Ones for sale if you're interested?

I bought them from our local Apple Store on 12th February for £134.95. I have the receipt. They've probably only got 10 hours use on them and I still have the box etc.

Will sell for £85 inc UK shipping (no offers please)

PM me if interested.

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Why are you selling them?  What are your views of them?

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I tried Image One's and thought they sounded very fake and muffly. I tried the AKG q460's and loved everything about them except for a marked lack of bass. XB500's sound great on the low end, but mid's and highs sound artificial.


I'm totally in love with AKG k518LE's right now. They have a little less bass than a Monster Turbine. I think the Mid's and High's are well represented. A great all'rounder. I can finally listed to rock, hiphop, dj/club, whatever...w/o really changing EQ.


They are the first headphones that I've had that actually sound better with a Fiio E5. Brings out the bass a tad more. They require a tad more power than my PortaPro's or Turbines...(or my q460's for that matter)...so the Fiio E5 is actually bringing the signal up to where it needs to be. The 518 will run fine from a Clip+...but they do sound a bit better amped.

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