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Grado RS-2 or Alessandro MS2?

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Hey guys,

So I'm gonna get either a Grado RS-2i or an Alessandro MS2. I'm gonna also buy it with either a pico USB/DAC or an RSA Predator.

I listen to oldies rock and metal most of the time, but I also take my time listening to hiphop and I usually listen for about 1 - 3 hours per session. Do you think these headphones match my music genre? If not, what should I get? (Price range $200 to $500 for headphones).

Thanks a lot guys!

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I know this is an old post but... I'm at the exactly same decision point.  Which 'phone did you get?  What are your thoughts?

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Depends on what sound sig you prefer.  Generally speaking Alessandro has been considered a warmer presentation compared to Grado.


The RS-2 performs great in the rock genre, offering the speed and detail.  Guitars will sound wonderful on both hp's.  Both hp's were built to rock!!! :veryevil:


If you get the opportunity try and audition the PS-500,  it may offer a hybrid sound somewhere between the Alessandro sound and Grado.


Overall though.....RS-2 wins by a significant margin IMO.

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