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i didn't realize the XR 7  was that big!

compared to the forte's they look huge.

dual 12's + 8 in each cab.

theres been a pair knocking around my local craigslist.  but they've been price prohibitive for me.  i never knew they were 12's. that explains a lot.


are your forte's I's or II's?

any mods?

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Yeah, even though I knew the the woofers were 12s, I was still quiet surprised to see how massive they were. And as you can see by the first pic I posted, they make my fortes look small.

I have the forte ii's with crites titanium tweets and the k53ti titanium mids. Have you forgotten I was the one who put you on to the crites upgrades? And I also gave you the last nudge to pull the trigger on your fortes.biggrin.gif
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i was thinking that was you but couldn't remember.  my brains getting forgetful!

doing the Ti tweeters was nice, but the mids were HUGE upgrade.

well actually, i've got the Ti mids in my chorus, but still much better upgrade over the tweeters to my ears.

but also nearly 3 times the price.


be sure to keep us updated on the mac's.  im highly interested since theres a pair floating around my area.

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Yeah, those mids were much more expensive and took me months to get my hands on a set. The only thing left are the crossovers, can't decide who I want to go with for those.

How do you like the chorus, they pretty hard to come locally here.
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I'm thinking I'm gonna go with ALK just because it seems more like an upgrade than a refurb. Do you have the filter on your crossover for the mids? I don't and it still sounds great.

Chorus sounds a lot like the forte. The only reason I'm using the chorus as my mains is they are in like new condition.
But oddly enough I feel like the forte has slightly more bass and digs a little deeper.
Haven't tried the ti in the mids of the forte.
No real reason other than condition and the chorus are tougher to stuff away in a closet.

I just got my mid diaphragms couple weeks back. Love them. And they will slot right into the KLFs when I get them put back together.
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I'm leaning towards alk myself. I much prefer the caps they use. No I don't have the band pass which is why I did consider the crites crossover. But I know it really doesn't matter. And like you, I find the mids to be a huge upgrade even without it. Should be that much better once everything in place.

I'm still impressed every time I listen to them. A friend of mine have some very impressive 5500.00 harbeth hl5. But even if the price were equal, I would still pick my klipsch. They are just a wonderful sounding pair of speakers, especially with all of the upgrades.
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Indeed. Super impressive I think and I love the way they react to different amps. My Yamaha A S500, Marantz 2245, Kenny 9050 and Scott 200b all give them a unique sound that's so good.

I've got a buddy who has a recording studio with crazy hi end monitors, and he loves coming over, drinking some scotch and admiring the Klipsch.

For the price of admission(especially on fortes) even with upgrade expenses, they are tough to beat. Unless you don't like crisp, clear, detailed upfront mids. But music lives in the mids, so I'm not sure how anyone dislikes it.

Let us know when you tackle on the xovers. I was planing to do that this June, but couldn't turn down the KLFs. So it's been back burnered for now.
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Yeah, that's my next goal after the mac project which is coming alone, but slowly. It took 2 days just the get the clear vinyl off of one speaker. My fingers and hands are still sore. I ended up whimpering out on some around the house stuff my wife wanted me to take care of.eek.gif


I agree about the different presentation with different amps. Some of the things such as how the voices just float in space, and that very deep sound stage is pretty constant, but I disagree with some over at ak who says tubes are a must. Yes they do sound excellent with tubes, and do sound like a match made in heaven, but these unlike some of the other klipsch, have sounded great with every amp I've tried them with. The tonality has gone from dark, to bright depending on the amp. They do what speakers should do....take on the sound signature of whatever amp you have on them. Sounds simple, but plenty transducers just misses the boat in that aspect.

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I've had a very productive day. I met a guy with the most impressive radio setup I've ever seen or dreamed of. Oh and I got some speakers. Check these out!

These McIntosh XR-7's are absolutely massive. They are about 2 inches taller than my HPM-150's and 40 lbs heavier each. Great shape. Better shape than I had hoped, recently refoamed, fuses, original manuals and service manuals included, MQ 102 equalizer included, McIntosh loudspeaker switching console included, and a pair of XR-14's with all manuals were included. You can just see the tops of the XR-14's behind the XR-7's.

These things look so good that they make everything else I have look shabby.  I'm just waiting for my -1980 to get back from the shop to give them a good thorough test.I can't wait to hear these things. I'll keep you all updated.

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That's great Phoenix! They look a lot better than mine:D. Please keep us posted. Can't wait the read your impressions, and especially how they compare the the 150s.
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Ha, there's a pair of XR-7 for sale in my neck of the woods. Price is $900 and they need a refoam. Given the size, I have no place to put them in my house. I have the HPM 1500 in my living room so yeah, a comparison would be great. Congrats on everyones acquisitions!!

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Those look great, Phoenix! Congrats.
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Now I just have to keep the kitten off of them haha.

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Just got the XR-14's back from being refoamed. I managed to find a local guy that does them and he is FAST! He had them back to me in 36 hours and they look great. I'll put up my impressions once I hook them up.

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