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Ran across some really cohesive synergy today. I've moved my HPM 100's to the living room, so my Dynaco A25's and recently acquired NHT SuperZero 2.1's are still in the bedroom. Today I decided to try the NHTs and the Dynaco stacked and have been nicely surprised. The imaging of the NHT and the richness of the Dynacos are currently presenting a sound I really didn't expect. Everything thus far is relatively seamless integration of each speakers strengths.....more to come.
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Speakers: Eminent Technology LFT-3

Cables: Audioquest midnight hyperlitz X4

CD player: Yamaha CDX-1120

Amp: B&K EX-442

Preamp: Dynaco PAS-3 series II

Tuner: B&K TS-108


Bought these off a coworker for $1200.. Don't know how good the system is but I love how it sounds...

He said he has kids and don't have room for them at his new house.. SO he'll cut me a deal..

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I recently acquired a pair of Polk Monitor 5's for free with a broken tweeter. Fixed the tweeter and recapped and they're being used for my girlfriend's computer and PS3 with an HDMI splitter. They sound pretty great in my opinion but the soldering experience gained from the project was worth more than the sound, hah.


Afterward, I bought some A/D/S B8's from a friend for $40. I just recapped them and now they're currently being used for my friend's garage DJ setup. Gotta say that the quality is pretty great given I paid about $100 total after custom made cables, parts, shipping, and gas to pick them up!

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NICE! Good to hear speakers getting a new home and some TLC!

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speaking of some polk love, i bought my first speakers ever in the last 2-3 months. started with some polk sda crs. then came the cs400 center speaker, followed by sda2 speakers. not a bad little vintage surround sound system. :D

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sorry double post

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My vintage speakers...JBL L101.







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Question: What are the Klipsch KG 5.2 loudspeakers worth today? I want to make an offer on the speakers alone from this ad → http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/4110119210.html

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Looking at the ol'bay, $200-350 seem to be the going price. But looking at that guy's price compared to the value of his lot of stuff, he probably values them on the lower end. You might be able to get them for a bargain.

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Got this from a coworker..



Eminent Technology LFT-3


Audio Quest Midnight Hyperlitz


Yamaha CDX-1120 (CD player)

B&K TS-108 (tuner)

B&K EX-442 Sonata Series (amp)

Dynaco PAS-3 series II (preamp)


Sorry for the phone pics...

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Anyone have any experience with speakerlab super 7's? I found a pair in great condition (minus a small stain on the top of one) at a local thrift stor for $30. I love em, will have to post some pics eventually smily_headphones1.gif
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This thread has been awfully quiet.  Here's a couple of recent acquisitions:

Wharfedale Rosedales (W70's):


These were recapped with KBG oil filled caps (for tweeters) and just new (and maybe temporary) electrolytics (for mids).



And also ESS AMT-1b's, which were refoamed (woofers and PR's) and recapped with electrolytics for now.


And without the grills:

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Wow, those are awesome!
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