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Headphones: a love letter, and a search within a budget.

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Would it be premature to say that I love you, headphones?  I know I'm not your usual type of guy... not a music junkie by any means.  But baby, we can still make it work.  We can watch movies together, and... you know how much I like to play games.  If you want, we could try to start a classical music library together.  Maybe you could listen to me play the keyboard sometime, or we could get into sound effects for the apps I want to make?  With speakers, everything needed to be louder, larger, and more impractical.  But I know that you like it quiet; so when we listen together, it feels like it's just us.  Really, I'm just sick of the kind of girls that can't seem to stay with me for over six months.  Whether they get worn out and break it off, or they leave me when I go to a friend's house, I always end up getting hurt. I can't keep shelling out money on all of these skobags.  So baby, I'm considering you an investment.  You might be a little more demanding of my resources, but I know you'll return the favour.  You'll support me in whatever I do, and you'll be there for me for a long time.  Baby, I love you.  So can you help me choose?


The headphones that I get will be used for:

Gaming.  I'm not one of those guys with a $3000 computer, but I do play games a lot.  That includes voice over ip.

Classical.  Music is hardly my thing, but I do enjoy me some Sarabande.  I love orchestral, and even choral music.

Movies.  Despite my lack of a home theater, I do enjoy watching movies/tv series.  I'd like to do so quietly.

Misc computer use.  Probably the primary function.  I just want to keep my bings, boops, and youtube videos to myself.


The headphones may potentially be used for:

Sound editing.  I'm involved with a low-key, unprofessional app/game making group.  I would appreciate the option to help with sound edits.

Digital piano.  My acoustic piano is a bit loud for my family and neighbors, so I've considered getting a digital piano for use with headphones.


These headphones will not be used for:

Portable use.  I don't even own an ipod.  If I want to take some music biking with me, I'll buy some el cheapos at a later date. 

Isolation.  I want to keep my noise to myself, but I don't mind if it leaks, as I have a floor to myself.  I would also like to hear those around me. 

Amplifying.  I'm not ready to spend the money on top of the headphones.  Whatever I use should be good to go without an amp. 


tl;dr I am looking for full size, likely open, on-ear headphones.  Must be comfortable.  Cordless is so nice... but I'll likely go with a corded pair for the sound quality and to stay away from batteries.  The mic on my computer is sufficient for gaming, I don't need a "headset".  My price range is $80 to $120.


Here are some models I've been considering.


Audio Technica ATH AD700.  Seems to fit me like a glove.  Great for big heads, classical music, and gaming, with great sound quality.  Lack of bass is of no consequence to me.  I'm not sure I like how they look, but that's a sacrifice I can make.  I'm very pleased to hear that they are great to use even without an amp.  That's exactly what I'm looking for!


Sennheiser HD 555.  Heard rave reviews on this guy.  "Sound quality way above the price."  Does Sennheiser sponsor all the reviewers, or something?  Again, the lack of bass is of no consequence, but I've heard that you can mod these to improve the bass.  Not sure how they are without an amp, or how well they live up to the reviews. 


Logitech Wireless G930.  I listed these as an excuse to ask two questions.  First, what does 7.1 digital surround sound mean to headphones?  I haven't seen it offered in too many other headphones I looked into.  Second, does wireless really reduce the sound quality that much?  I *hate* wires, but I've resolved to live with them if it means better quality sound. 



Thanks for any help you can give!

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i love my new Sennheiser HD 555s. Couldn't be more pleased with them.

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