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Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

The hump in this graph is what I heard and interpreted as the warmth and intimacy of lower register of vocals on the W4.  I don't hear this same mid bass hump in the GR07. 



It'll probably be Monday or Tuesday before I get around to the a/b of the GR07 and EX1000.

Excellent. Much thanks for the review.


GR07 midbass hump existence and amount (never negative) depends on the seal for me. Most present with silicone tips, less present with Comply foam, not present when not sealed.

Might be ear canal or bone conduction resonance.

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Originally Posted by vwinter View Post
So when people say that the GR07 sounds great amped, this'll do it then? Because if that's the case, it's like two birds with one stone and sounds definitely worth it.

It doesn't change sound when amped really. Gains a tiny bit of upwards extension and highest highs energy when compared against an abysmal source.

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Depends with the amp as well. With Stepdance, GR07 gets a fuller signature than unamped.

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Still digging the GR07 over the EX1000 and EX600, and almost tied with the W4... These dynamics are outstanding!!

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Ugh! I can't bear the wait any longer! No more eric... no more... blink.gif

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Hey guys. I just pulled the ebay trigger on a pair of GR07s for $165 from www.earphone. 
I'm taking the step up from the Shure SE215s because of all the things dweaver and ericp10 had to say about the difference in sound quality. 
There's something that's been bugging me though: 

1) I'm going to be using these phones with my iPhone 4 (equalizer app) and/or my sansa clip+. Would this affect the quality of sound I will hear from the phones?

2) All this talk of amplification has got me looking at the fiio e5. Is it worth it to buy an amp, or would the sources I listed above work just fine. And if I should get the amp, how would I go about using it with my devices.


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I don't think anyone will tell that you need an amp with these. The iPhone 4 drives them just fine, I very rarely go above 60% volume and that's only if there's significant outside noise and the track volume is pretty low. I can try the clip+ a bit later if you'd like. It seems like an amp will only slightly marginally increase refinement, energy, and dynamics, etc., unless you would be using the amp to change the sound signature like getting a fuller signature like was mentioned above with the Stepdance or increase/improve sub-bass response with the Zo.
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Oh ok. Thanks for the quick reply! Please try the clip later and tell me how it goes

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Does anyone else here use the gr07's with a cowon s9?

If so what volume level do you normally listen at. For me it is around 31 with newer albums and most of my older albums are around 35.
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Originally Posted by Poimandres View Post

Does anyone else here use the gr07's with a cowon s9?

If so what volume level do you normally listen at. For me it is around 31 with newer albums and most of my older albums are around 35.

sounds like the gr07 is not  that efficient than in that case 


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Well I don't think that I would say that, I should have mentioned those levels were while driving.  While working in the office or at home in a quiet environement I usually set the volume to the mid to low 20's.


Originally Posted by lucozade View Post


sounds like the gr07 is not  that efficient than in that case 



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As promised I did some A/B comparisons of the GR07 and Sony EX1000.


In most instances the mids of the GR07 are noticeably more forward than the Sony's.  To me the Sony's mids are neither forward nor recessed, so these comparisons show me the GR07 have a somewhat mid forward presentation.  This is most noticeable in my tracks with distortion rock guitars. The GR07 places them up front and center and in your face.  This is a good thing, especially for hard rock and metal.  The GR07 has more aggressive/hotter upper mids/lower treble.  This also provides the great bite and crunch needed for distortion guitars.  Zakk Wylde's guitar work sounds great on the GR07's.  However, due to their forward mid presentation, there is less depth between vocals and electric guitars, whereas the Sony's present more space in depth between lead vocals and guitars.  This is also noticeable between lead and backing vocals.  Often the GR07 presents backing vocals just as forward as lead vocals but maybe a little off to the sides, whereas the Sony's definitely present more space and depth, placing backing vocals behind the lead singer.


Since I've mentioned depth a few times, this leads me to soundstage.  The GR07 has an above average soundstage in width to me; Though it is not as wide as the Sony's, which has one of the widest I've heard.  It also is not as deep as the EX1000's, which song after song presented a noticeably deeper soundstage with more instrument separation and more air.


I think the Sony's have more air in how they present treble.  It just sounds so effortless and refined.  The GR07's have a more aggressive treble presentation.  This doesn't make it worse, just different and helps to excel more so with certain genres like rock and metal.


Both have great bass extension.  I really cannot say one extends deeper than the other.  I can say the GR07 can be pushed to display greater quantity of bass, especially with the ZO.  However the Sony's sound more effortless and have more bass texture and weight.  Both sound very natural and have better bass than any universal BA I've heard.  Neither have overbearing quantities of mid bass and both seem to have the appropriate amount here.


I'll give the edge to the GR07's with drums and distortion guitars; they really do excel with drums, whereas the Sony's do indeed sound more realistic with acoustic guitars and piano as I suspected.  If you like forward vocals, then the GR07 does that more so than the Sony's but then the Sony's really capture minute vocal details like lips parting, breaths and throat inflections. The Sony's strongest trait is its great dynamic range, which the GR07 cannot quite keep up with, especially in delicate passages.  Other than those small things the GR07 really does have great clarity and transparency, only slightly bettered by the Sonys.


I now have well over 80+ hours on the GR07's and have come to really enjoy them.  They are excellent for their price.  If I had to point out any negatives, one would be the cable.  It doesn't want to stay wound up to be put in the case and easily tangles.  Also while I love the swiveling nozzle, which enables you to get a great fit, if you don't pay attention, it can easily get turned a different direction and negatively impact the sound.  This is minor of course, as you can easily correct it.


You can guess I favor the EX1000's over the GR07's but they are not far behind.  If I had to put percentages to it, I'd say the EX1000's are maybe 10-12% better.  That's a very small difference, especially considering pricing and the GR07's have found permanent home in my collection and are easily recommended.



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Excellent post my friend! I was quite eager to see where the GR07 stood against the EX1000, and am now all the more anxious to give them a listen. At roughly 10-12% better, the GR07's appear to be at the same level as the EX600's. I must admit, the EX1000's staging is what draws me in every time, and I've yet to hear its equivalent. Considering the GR07's price, they seem like a steal. smile.gif

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Shotgunshane - Excellent impressions, all explained very clearly. I wonder, though, what you'd think of the EX600s.

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I was thinking of the exact same my friend. If the EX1000 offers a 10-12% improvement over the GR07 (roughly speaking), and on many accounts the EX1000 is said to offer roughly between 10-15% of an improvement over the EX600, the GR07 and EX600 must be much closer to one another than not, and most probably falls solely on preference, as is almost always the case.

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