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It's not hip hop but one song I'd recommend if from Queen, Gimme the Prize. It's from the Highlander soundtrack and is one of their heaviest songs, I love it. Hardly needs to be mentioned that Freddie completely slays the vocal as well. Of course the more well known Princes of the Universe is a lot of fun for bass.


Alicia Keys' song No One has a surprisingly deep bass beat throughout, it's a nice one also.




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Las - Maltfunktion

Pretty sick sub-bass, especially with XBs. :D 




Sunflower - Von D 

This one "cleaner" with a lot going on besides sub-bass to mid-bass. 

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Originally Posted by Headzone View Post

You mostly listen to hip-hop? I think this song is good for testing extension:

Ludacris - How Low. Portapros can't play the lowest notes at all blink.gif

wow, this really does cause some serious vibrations after bumping 32Hz just for fun... The drivers are literally jumping on my ears. :D 

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Apologies for reviving such an old thread, but I was searching for "bass" as a search term in the topic names. Stumbling upon this one, I had no choice but to comment, since I am a huge hardstyle fan, and the style itself is renowned for having a very tasty, tight, pumping bassline:



This one is amongst the all-time anthems of hardstyle, and for a good reason. Love the atmosphere and the vibe!

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Hah, great thread!


A few other good ones:


- Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix) by ZZT: Just sheer explosion of bass at various frequencies


- Limit to your love by James Blake:  my HD598 can't control the low bass part whereas my HD700 handle it beautifully


- En direct de la côte (Alavi revox) by Tepr: Needs low bass extension and great attack/speed

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