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Originally Posted by dvw View Post

A lot of these recommended tracks just have loud bass not deep bass. Deep bass (sub 50Hz) comes from big instrument like church organ, big field drum, canons etc. My test track is the Gladiator soundtrack. When it is playing the speakers are pushing so much air, it feels like a fan is blowing. The key to this test is not just listening for the bass, but to listen to see if the bass screwed the other instruments. This is a very busy album.


For extreme testing, I would recommend Telarc's two offering; Frederick Fennel's Cleveland Symphony Winds and Eric Kunzel's 1812 overture. Most equipment cannot handle these. When they first came out there is a warning on the album; this album might damage your equipment. There is a large field drum in Cleveland Wind and a Cannon in 1812 overture. The dynamic range is so large that at average listening level, when the bass kicked in , it literally shakes glasses off the shelf. I would recommend start at a very low volume and increase it when you are comfortable with it. Be careful, for it might damage your hearing.


For those of you that are not familiar with low bass, the bass on a LP goes wider than normal tracks. The bass track on these LP are at least a couple of mm.  Most phono cartridges cannot handle them and will just fly off. I've seen it happened.

Great advice here.  To the above I would add the opening of Stravinsky's Firebird and many passages where Holst uses the organ in his Planets.  We're talking really deep bass here.

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 Headstrung by Distance, Policy by Salva,  Ice Box by Mimosa, Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix)



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I also forgot the opening to Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra (2000 something space odyssey or something like that!).

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The recently remastered version of (the classic) Man Machine by Kraftwerk


Stunning SQ with plenty of hefty, fat bass tones produced

by the analogue electronics of that time (1980 or so)

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Originally Posted by RoboKrikit View Post

Maybe not the bass you were looking for, but here is some solid bass.


Is that Pete Townshend?

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Here are two pieces I tend to listen two for musical bass.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNA_btBAcpI - At 4:30 & 5:20 you can hear the bass go deep.




Not the best recordings but you get the picture.  I have both discs from back in my home audiophile days :)


Interested in hearing some feedback from others about these two tracks.

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The best songs are the unofficial ones made by strangers on youtube using freq sweeps.

If you really want to test bass performance and not just blindly listen to songs with unknown frequencies,

use biwavegen (or similiar sw, but it's pretty hard to find an alternative), it can play any pure tone, frquency sweep, pink/white noise. Can't find exact url where I downloaded it from, 

but since it's only 40kb, I can upload it to my dropbox.  


here we go: 


if you want sub-bass, your aim is ~40-80hz



Btw, if you don't use EQ, at first it's actually hard to believe in amount of lows alone decent HP's can produce. biggrin.gif

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I think i have a good example.


Tron Legacy - Daft Punk - FLAC.


So many different sounds, i think its perfect to try new headphones


I tried my new Superlux 681 Evo and it didn't choke in any bass parts. My brain vibrated quite a lot

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Lil wayne's "GUN WALK" ft Gudda Gudda, the bass on this track riiiides perfectly!

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I usually go for the HD frequency sweeps on YouTube.

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Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross "On We March"

New Order "Confusion Bloodbath Remix"

Prodigy "Smack my Bitch Up"

The Dust Brothers "What is Fight Club"

Junkie XL "Dealing with the Roster"

Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow"

... or boring old frequency sweeps, I guess ;)

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I can't hear frequency sweeps..:( like that slow gradually rising, pulsing wave that some dubstep songs put out...im on AKG k181's ...


But im content with the 808 bumps i get out of them, guess they're not meant to deliver that kinda performance.


im gonna check out some of those tracks

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Alot of dubstep has been mentioned already, but not all dubstep has crazy sub bass, check out stuff by ephixa like some wobbles, awesome to the max, and the zelda step album. Also look at still gettin it by foreign beggars and skrillex. Oh and mt eden. And then there is pendulum/ knife party for dnb and dubstep lots of bass there as well.

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Is rumbling sub bass more sought after than punchy mid bass?
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or is it just harder to find isolated and test
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