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this mix could work

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To determine bass extension and basic FR, I use test tones.  Like the comment above about the simple bass line, this doesn't actually test how a headphone responds to actual bass in music, but it does tell you the limits.  Other than the test tones, I listen to all kinds of music to judge the bass, some genres already mentioned, if not the particular songs.  One genre not mentioned is pipe organ music.  I have a triple CD of solo organ music by baroque composer Dieterich Buxtehude that has so much bass, it can't be played by an iPod without clipping.


Cibelle's first album also has plenty of bass.  I was testing a sort of sensitive ortho straight from my iPod with this album and it distorted so bad the music was unrecognizable.  Less bassy music was just fine.

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Nine Inch Nails. Almost every single song. You're welcome.

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jennifer warnes 'way down low'. incredible bottom extension & punch. shakes goodcans enuff to resonate & tickle your ears & lesser cans to 'tick & pop" - sounds of transducer cones overextending so beware! FWIW even my HD650 cant take this at the vol i like but the HE5LE pounds so hard & deep its not only addictive but mesmerizing. 

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Three 6 Mafia - Late Night Tip (so much bass)

Lil Jon - Get Low (tight)

Dr Dre - Natural Born Killaz

Westside Connection - Bow Down

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Gustav Mahler ‘s symphony, used to test all 3 ranges

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Can you be more specific? According to wikipedia he's got at least 9.

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Gustav Mahler ‘s symphony, used to test all 3 ranges


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Hmm, i recently just found a bassy song to use to test headphones. Check out "August" by UKF Dubstep. Quite amazing bass.


Played the song on the PS3, using my 5.1 logitech speakers, and WOW! Was there bass!!!

I placed the volume 1/5 of the way up and there was so much bass that the subwoofee hole could have blown out a candle!

Try downloading the package of 320 bitrate version biggrin.gif!

If you do try it, hope you like it!

P.S If you want the 320 bitrate versions of the songs for August, PM me wink.gif
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Lily Allen's "Friend of mine" has amazing lowend both subbass and midbass, K 'Naan album Troubadour.

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Datsik - Jenova Project


That will make your head wobble

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"Friends" by Thom Rotella Band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndtVm1Vjbm4

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'Nuff said. +1 for Late night tip.

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A song I always like to use to test headphones is Machine No. 2 By Leo Kottke. The version from Mudlark (1971). It's good for a lot of reasons. Firstly, I know the song really well, and secondly it has everything you'd want to test headphones on. The bass is rapid and has many runs up and down the fretboard, there's a lot of fast intricate fingerpicking to test the higher registers, and the drums are simple but integral (mainly bass and snare), AND the recording from mudlark has some good stereo implementation. It's also quite a good recording. It's basically my first stop when I try some new headphones.


This is youtube, so it's not gonna sound too good, but here's a link...




And along the same lines, but with vocals as well (and some incredible double bass from Danny Thompson) Springtime Promises or Light Flight by Pentangle are good choices...



Mind you, these are all folksy tunes...

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