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i don't listen to rap or dubstep or anything, but when i want to test the response and texture of bass on new headphones, i usually go straight to ayreon's "dream sequencer" album, it's got tons of deep, heavy synth that can be almost overwhelming.

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My favorite track to test bass is "The Trick is to Keep Breathing" by Garbage. It doesn't have a ton of bass, but the chorus has some extremely deep, subtle, sub-bass in the background. The song helps to separate out the headphones that actually have good extension and impact from the ones that just have a mid-bass hump.

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Maybe my bass tests could be of some use for people. I try to make a few every month and listen to what everyone is interested in.

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Test yo basshead cans with this...be warned, rumbles yo brain!





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Dubstep would be a better test than hip hop. I recommend Kyoto by Skrillex. Skillex`s entire Bangarang album is a very good bass test.

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That said, two songs that I use are Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" and Holly Cole's "Temptation". Any of Rush's drum solos are also excellent.


YYZ by Rush would be an excellent test.

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I dig the bass kick in Monolake´s Axis

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A lot of these recommended tracks just have loud bass not deep bass. Deep bass (sub 50Hz) comes from big instrument like church organ, big field drum, canons etc. My test track is the Gladiator soundtrack. When it is playing the speakers are pushing so much air, it feels like a fan is blowing. The key to this test is not just listening for the bass, but to listen to see if the bass screwed the other instruments. This is a very busy album.


For extreme testing, I would recommend Telarc's two offering; Frederick Fennel's Cleveland Symphony Winds and Eric Kunzel's 1812 overture. Most equipment cannot handle these. When they first came out there is a warning on the album; this album might damage your equipment. There is a large field drum in Cleveland Wind and a Cannon in 1812 overture. The dynamic range is so large that at average listening level, when the bass kicked in , it literally shakes glasses off the shelf. I would recommend start at a very low volume and increase it when you are comfortable with it. Be careful, for it might damage your hearing.


For those of you that are not familiar with low bass, the bass on a LP goes wider than normal tracks. The bass track on these LP are at least a couple of mm.  Most phono cartridges cannot handle them and will just fly off. I've seen it happened.

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No real deep bass on this jazzy funky track, but i reckon it's quite a good test for bass control/tightness. Too loose and it sounds like one lumpy bass note.




George Duke: 500 Miles To Go. (obviously, not so good via Youtube's low-fi sound.)


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Any suggestions? I mostly listen to Hip Hop so any songs would help


To test bass on headphones, nothing beats a... bass test : http://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php (check out the very first test in the series)

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Gimme that punk by audio bullies. Buyou-kerry hilson. Ghost and stuff-deadmau5. Live my life- far east movement ft. Justin bieber and lmfao is a very great song because it has very differencial bass thumps. Iam not a audiophile or professional but i think only bass testing is not enough for proper sound testing for earphone.... U should listen to every genre just like rock, punkrock, pop, metal. More bass would always dominate th mids and highs of any song dats why u should try at least m
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More than 5 songs of different genres
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Hall & Oats have some excellent bass.

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Maybe not the bass you were looking for, but here is some solid bass.


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