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For Sale: Meier Opera (with Dac)

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For Sale:
Meier Opera (with Dac)

Will Ship To: CONUS






Okay - bought this for $700 here:


and the thing is simply crazy - read the reviews - at $1k lots of folks compared it to a $1k dac and said it punched above it's weight even in the amp only at that price range.


You'll also find the physical box itself makes a mechanical click  when forward tracks on the USB input (can't hear it in the signal but a phyysical switch) - never bothered me, but some folks with it on their desktops didn't like


Also - the dac is much better than the USB input - so i'm throughing in a POP pulse converter - makes a huge difference (i also use a music fidelity asynch version and a swankly power cable but couldn't tell a difference)


again, let me say i think this is an incredibly piece of gear - and some of our most respected reviewing headfiers have called this their favorite amp


it's also high and low gain options with high and low impedance jacks so very flexible 


I'd love someone to try this head-to-head with his new stuff (remember this was warmer while retaining clarity, before he went in a more analytical direction - and its sound signature is only available no longer available beyond this generation)


personally i thought this destroyed the benchmark - more musical while retaining the same level of detail


(worked great with a host of cans, including n HF-2 - also for sale)


so why am i selling - darn good question - but basically i am going back to a tube system


so selling this only - no trades - and only in CONUS (please don't ask) - and paypal only


that said i have 10 pages of of positive feedback in the old system - and i'll let this go for $OLDshipped and paypalled in the CONUS


crazy i know 


comes with power cord - no box or manual


looking for simple, easy sale


For a touch over $OLD, to my ears you simply can't get anything close to this

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PM sent. I recently got a HD800 and would love to try this with it.


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