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For Sale: FS: HF-2

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For Sale:
FS: HF-2








This is my third time around with the HF-2 and in my current system i just don't dig them as much as the RS-1 (previously i went back and forth, sometime preferring , sometimes not).


The rig i did like them most with was the Meier Opera (also for sale) but I'm going back to a tube based set up where I think the RS-1s shine.


So I'm sure this is the wrong this to do but I'm putting them up for sale (along with various other things).


I paid in cash or trade or something (can't remember now) about $450 from this thread:


note the had been officially repaired by grado - (did they do any other magic, probably not but grado has been known to and actually did some tweaking on my black 325s they but a ref cable on so who knows)




for sale - CONUS only (please don't ask)  no trades etc


for $OLDshipped and paypalled in CONUS


thank you


(I have about 10 pages of feedback under the old system here)



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Still for sale


in answer to the questions


the pics are contained in the link above - everything is in essentially the exact same condition


(also if you're just PM-ing to ask questions rather than make an offer please avoid letting the world know with the ubiquitous "pm-ed" -- th new head-fi notification system works great)

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