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So I've owned a few headphones now in the $20-"$150 category, really not at the point yet of spending lots of money though I appreciate you tend to get what you pay for in life. Anyway in my experiences so far I've come to realize that I like coloured headphones in the sense that it annoys me when headphones lack bass and aren't up front sounding - I've also come to realize that I really like a nice wide soundstage in headphones, I currently own the Beyer DT 990 Pro which does really well for me but I'm not sure I like the tizzy sound on the extreme highs but on the other hand as I've mentioned at the other end of the spectrum it really annoys me when bass lacks and the headphones sound distant. 


So I'm rummaging around for headphones with: Stronger bass than not, wide soundstage, circumaural and open backed, lesser emphasis on extreme highs....basically a stand in double for the Beyer DT 990 Pro without the tizzy highs pretty much with mids being a bonus and so far for good matches I've come up with:


Beyer DT 880 (600ohm)


Sennheiser HD 650


That's pretty much it lol, I've never owned or looked into purchasing Ultrasone though perhaps because of their S Logic maybe I should start thinking about it - just looks way too plastic for my liking for such expensive headphone. I was strongly considering the Denon D2000 before I purchased my Beyer DT 990 Pro but they are closed back vs closed back is not important from a practicality standpoint but it is important from an open sounding standpoint.


So yeah guys I'm hoping for some confirmations and some suggestions here which I'm probably overlooking. Any suggestions ?


Budget - $400 tops. Anywhere up to that. :) 

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