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DT150 or HD650 ?

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I had the DT150 before but sold it because I do not have then a sufficiently powerful amp for them to shine. Thinking of buying back one, but then the price of the DT150 has gone up quite some, so that one could spend not much more and get the HD650. Yes I am aware that the HD650 is a even more demanding load, but setting aside the issue of amp capacity which would you get ?


This may appear to be a very odd question, as the HD 650 was supposed to be a hp of higher caliber but searching over these forum I note that there were a member or two actually prefering the DT150 as having better mids and visceral bass.


Appreciate some thoughts.





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Well, having both, I do also prefere DT150, as being more organic in sound, hd650 being very good but the sound is more "matt" if you know what I mean
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Never heard the DT-150 but the HD-650 is a classic, benchmark headphone. So beautifully smooth and lush. Worth trying if you haven't already.

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The shure 1440 and shure 1840 may be another option


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