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For Sale: SOLD: Grado RS1 #6985

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For Sale:
SOLD: Grado RS1 #6985

Will Ship To: US prefered

Im looking to get rid of my RS1s. I have had them since December and love them dearly. I also recently picked up a pair of HF2s that I needed to do some work on. Im really trying to get up to a pair of LCD2s. I paid $450 for them but would atleast like to get $400(sold).


Things that have been done with them:


I opened them up to do a recable at one point but never got around to getting a new cable to do it with.

I did the hole mod (sr-60 thread) I went with 4 holes. I enjoyed the added oomph in the bass and it still retains the clarity the RS1 is known for.

Stripped the black of the metal grill.

Sanded a few nicks out and restained.


I have left the drivers unglued(they pop in/out and stay put) to the wood cups. This will make it easy for someone to put the cable of their choice on it before being glued back(if desired).



these are great headphones but I now have my HF2s in working order and they are now going to be boxed up until they are sold.

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PM'ed ya buddy.


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