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Looking for somewhat neutral headphones for music making and general use.

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I'm currently using Alessandro MS1s, which are fine for general music use, but I have a hard time using them when messing with softsynths on the computer for hours on end because the sounds they make are very bright. I also feel like I'm not hearing the sounds properly when I make them so my songs aren't all that balanced. I'm very entry level at music making, so I don't need anything great, but I do want something more neutral than what I've got.


I am worried though, that I might buy something that is a little too neutral if that will make music less interesting. The only other decent headphones I have are the ADDIEMs with Hybrid tips, so I don't have too much experience with neutral sounds.


I definitely do want something with more soundstage than what I've got on the MS1s.


I've been thinking Sennheiser (not sure what model) is what I'm looking for, but I've never actually heard a pair. My budget is in the $100-200 range and I'll be using them mostly off an original uDAC.


What do you guys think?

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HD600 is said to be one of the most neutral things out there. A little out of your price range though. 300 new probably around 230 used. 

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Well, my big thing is that I want something MORE neutral than the MS1s, which are clearly not neutral. And if the phones won't be too great powered by just my little uDAC, then I'm not too keen on them (I don't know too much about how to judge that though).


Most of what I was considering were the 555, 558, 595, and 598, but the pricing/model systems were confusing me.


The listed prices on Amazon are:

555 - $85

558 - $170

595 - $135

598 - $250


Any suggestions as to which would be best for my situation?

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Well HD600s aren't good unamped so the lower ends should be easier powered. 

I'd suggest going for the HD598 cause they're just beautiful and many people like them.

You can get them for 189 from razordogdeals on ebay

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AKG K601 is $169 shipped on Buy.com now. That's a pretty good deal. Be warned that they are something like 92 dB / mW (quoted 101 dB / V) at 120 ohms, so they may be a little quiet on the uDAC, depending. Well, it's not like something like a HD 600 would be much easier to drive.


They have a little bit more coloration (more precisely, harmonic distortion) in the mids than some other headphones, but it should be definitely less than the MS1.  They have good soundstage, and the frequency response is pretty flat as far as headphones go. They have a little less sub-bass rolloff and less of the treble spike than the K701s apparently, if the below is to be believed.  Personally I don't hear any particular frequency stick out.


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Surpised no one has said anything about the Beyerdynamic DT770 , DT990 and DT880 Pro. They are used a lot in music studios and come in 80ohm versions.
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Ignore >_>

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Well, after putting some thought into this for a couple days, I've (almost) decided. It seems like the more expensive phones here will need an amp to be completely worth it. (Though the AKG K601 looks very nice.) So I think I'll lower my price range a bit and maybe upgrade if I end up getting an amp at some point. 


So, after all that, I'm thinking about getting the hd595 for $135. Thoughts?

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