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Originally Posted by jraul7 View Post

I found that the NuForce uDAC2 improved the sound from my computer when listening through the speakers and through the headphones.... and I know there are better DACs out there. the uDAC2 cost is around $100, so it should not break the bank. I am not necessary recommending the uDAC, but a DAC in general.


Be advice that this will probably happen to you also... as I started enjoying my new "head-fi approved" gear, I found out that 70% percent of my music was encoded in low bit rates (128)... so naturally, I am now in the process of re-encoding / buying everything again.... HAVE FUN!

Just be aware that the sign of "head-fi approved" gear isn't necessarily worth much at all.

Take the uDAC f.ex. You'd need a pretty shoddy headphone out on your computer for it to be an actual improvement.

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Having also been an MD guy back in the day, I'd suggest that your sound quality issues have nothing to do with the MD player vs. iPod players themselves, but rather with the compression schemes used when you sourced your music.  If you downloaded a lot of those MP3s from various sources instead of encoding them yourself at decent bit rates I have no doubt that they sound much worse than the stuff you likely encoded from CD into Sony's ATRAC compression scheme.  If you re-rip your sources for the MP3s at AAC 192 or better encoding (ideally with a lossless compression scheme) I think you will find that they sound better than the ATRAC compressed MD files; I certainly did.  The first thing I would do before spending any money either way is re-rip those files and then make a decision about whether or not you want to go back to MD, and then make a decision about headphones and an amp for your iPod, because in the end, chances are pretty good that you'll retire the MDs again after doing that.


Originally Posted by Hudson01 View Post

I have just got back into Minidisc after a number of years abscence, i have been using a standard Ipod with of course MP3 compressed music and up until digging out my Sony 909 MD player i had thought the sound quality was just fine.... i was wrong. The difference between MP3 on my Ipod and the same album on my MD player at SP is chalk and cheese. So with this in mind i have decided to go down the SQ route and religate my MP3 player for runs in the park etc.

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