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Originally Posted by mushlova View Post

Most of the stuff here is either old goa or trance. 

There are many psytrance subgenres, however, a few names here:


Old Goa: Hallucinogen, Astral Projection, Cosmosis, Green Nuns of Revolution, Eat Static..


New Goa: Filteria, MFG, Kethzal.. (check suntrip recs, they are the best for this subgenre)


Full On (aka cheese): Tristan, Laughing Buddha, Avalon, Atmos, Fungus funk.. (alchemy and liquid recs are a good start)


Night time: Psymmetrix, EVP, Neutral Motion, Burn in Noise, Dirty Saffy, Beardy.. (wildthings and bom shanka recs are the best imo)


Forest/organic: Atriohm, Ajja, Electrypnose, Ianuaria  (parvati, peak, blue hour sounds recs should keep you busy for a while)


Suomi: Texas Faggot, Luomuhappo.. (Faerie Dragon and Exogenic are leading recs for this genre)


Dark: Orestis, Furious, Cosmo, Kindzadza



Then there's the progressive bit that you might like mre if you're coming from a techno background. It's split in 2 subgenres:


cheese: Ace Ventura, Flowjob, Vibrashere, Liquid Soul 


dark: Sensient, Grouch, Kromelur (Zenon recs is a must)



than there are psy breaks where I would mention Slackbaba, Headflux and Far Too Loud


Shpongle are not psytrance by any means, there's a whole psybient (ott, bluetech, shulman, kaya project) and psydub (international observer, ashtech, gaudi) genre there.

If you like them tho, I would raccomend Younger Brother's  (which is Simon Postford rock-ish project) first 2 albums that were even considered the new Pink Floyd sound for a while. 



Thank you.


Personally I always enjoyed most flying rhino releases (there was a time in the 90's when they had a lot of their releases for free on their website) and almost every T.I.P. record.

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There's more than I thought. I've never heard of Night Time. I'm definitely familiar with cheese though :D

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I hope it's all right to bump a three-month-old thread..


Nowadays I'm a pretty big fan of psytrance (and goa, to some extent) and I thought I'd recommend http://www.ektoplazm.com/ - "the world's #1 source for free and legal psytrance, techno, and downtempo music in MP3, FLAC, and WAV format."

Albums can be streamed or downloaded and they contain proper tags, album art and so on. They also ran a successful campaign to collect money in order to revamp and expand the site. I'm looking forward to what will happen :)


And now for some music:

I guess you could call this modern goa? My favourite song from the album. Download


Sort of cheesy psytrance with video game/cracktro music influence:


They play so much darkpsy at parties these days I'm getting a bit bored of it.. but one of the first darkpsy artists I discovered and got excited about:

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