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Build me a system? :) Would like some assistance

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First off, 1000$ budget


Need a Dac with multiple RCA outputs (using for a set of speakers too) -> thinking Maverick D1? Possibly?


Also, I'd like a good tube amp (tube is preference)


As for Headphones I'm coming from an ATH-M50 (liked it a LOT)


So I'm looking with an open upgrade (high impedance) with a similar sound signature 


I listen primarily to electronic music and classical Orchestra/Opera (could be a difficult match) 


Original source is my desktop CPU 


Thanks in advance :D 



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I've listened to a few cans in my time. For your tastes, electronic and orchestral, I think a set of Denon D7000 would be great. They sound nice for electronica, yet are still very rich sounding. My friend has a set paired with a NuForce HDP and the pairing is quite nice. If you get a set used ($600) and get an HDP used ($400), that is right at your budget. Just my two cents, but any response is better than none! 


It doesn't match your criteria too much, but it is what I have heard and know works quite well. I have no experience with tubes, so other options are bountiful. My favourite thing to tell people is this, though: Don't worry too much about what it is you are getting. The journey and experience in finding the sound you want is very fun. If I didn't buy and sell many cans and amps, I wouldn't have had anywhere near the number of diverse cans atop my head.

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thanks for the response, I'll look into your suggestion :) So far my two personal ideas are the Beyer Dt990 paired with Maverick d1 pre-amping a1. Or waiting until Schiit releases their DAC and pairing up with the Valhalla. Only problem is I have a pair of powered monitor speakers that I'd really like to use with my DAC, so it has to have multiple outs. NuForce seems to have a useable out, so that's a certainly a pro :) 

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Setup in my sig will give you a very nice bang-for-buck hifi sound... I also listen to electronica predominantly but like my setup for it's ability to play all genres well, a colored phone will not only be limited to specific sounding genres but won't sound as detailed because of certain heightened frequencies.

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For the dac I would suggest a hlly smk-iii it has got great reviews on here. ($300~320)

For the amp I would suggest you look for a schiit amplifier.

And finally and most importantly thunderpants for headphones if you can find these used these would be absolutely perfect for you I preferred them to the d7000 and they have absolutely amazing bass, both quality and quantity.

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Really liking the hlly smk-iii, which Schiit should I go for, Asgard or Valhalla? 

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whichever you can afford, most likely a used valhalla or lyr, but really any of them would sound great with the thunderpants.

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