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Looking to polish off my rig

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I just got the Little Dot MKII for my DT990 600Ω, and I'm amazed at just how much soundstage this thing has when properly amped.  I assume it even gets better the more I scale up.  For right now I'm just looking for possible upgrades to the stock tubes and eventually maybe a dac as well.


I heard the EF92 Mullard drivers are very good over the Little Dot MKII's stock tubes.  What I'm looking mainly for in the driver tubes would be a bass that extends lower and/or is tighter with possibly more impact, and even wider soundstage (can't get enough of it!).

I actually don't mind the treble and the recessed mids too much on the DT990.  Power tubes might be an option as well, but from what I understand they don't do as much as driver tubes.  I wouldn't mind power tube recommendations as well though.


As for a dac, my main candidate so far is the HRT Music Streamer II, are there any alternatives that are just as good as it that might warmer in signature for around 150usd?



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As an update, I now have the HRT Music Streamer II as part of my rig, but I'm still looking at upgrading my stock tubes.


Are these the right type of tubes I should be looking at? I'm wanting some M8161 EF92 Mullard driver tubes, but I don't see the usual mullard logo on these.




Are there any other driver tubes I should be looking at for my Little Dot MKII?  Main thing I'm looking for is more sub-bass impact, because as of right now, the real lows seem to be a bit rolled off: 40-50hz seems to be nice and strong, but 20-30hz seems to be very weak.

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Is this the MSII appreciation thread ? Member # 007 reporting in. Great DAC at a fantastic price, and HRT have officially confirmed that you can drive your headphones straight from the DAC via an adapter on your RCA-mini cable : seriously, who could want anything else ?

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When I first got it and hooked it up, I was very amazed at just how efficient at made my amp, without having to double amp off the computer anymore-- plus the added benefits of having higher signal-noise ratio and no interruptions of music playback form computer tasks.


At first the soundstage seemed to be really congested, but I think it's since then cleared up.  Mids definitely seem more thick, and there is a slight boost in bass impact.  I can't comment on much else, in order to truly a/b it vs the computer's audio, I gotta get used to it and then switch back to see what I got spoiled off of.


Anybody else for tube suggestions?

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