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3D Holophonic sound advice needed

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  Just signed up to this great forum after searching for some hints on making my first 3D recording. I found a thread on this but it is two years old, so I hope it's ok to put this here.


  The thread I read from is here:




I have read loads of really complicated sound set-ups. I should mention that I'm not very technical and so I'm really looking for word on whether I am totally out of my depth on this or if it's achievable with my means. There was one poster in the above thread ('edstrelow') who basically wrote out how I imagine to go about it.


  I have two small condenser mics (Karma) which I plan to attach to my ears. I have a model polystyrene head if this first option fails.

  I plan to direct each mic obviously in the same direction as the ear canal, and to run these two mics into a small Zoom H4n I'm using. Then of course I plan to make noises and sounds from varying directions and distances.

  Will this create a 3D recording?


  If so, can I just leave each mic's setting as central or do I pan hard left for the left channel, and hard right for the right mic? Or a little of each?


  Also, does the head need to stay in the same position throughout the recording, with the objects of sound moving around the head, or does it not matter?


  Sorry if these questions are particularly naive, and thanks for any help.

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