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a little comparison:

the imod:
-mids, sweet like a dark chocolate.
-sounds fuller and creamier.
-the bass is one of the strong point.
-the soundstage is like a small to medium size room.

the studio dap:
-airy, not too dry not too warm.
-unbelievable for its size, one of the best sounding dap.
-the soundstage is so big, its not cramped or compressed.
-this rivals one of the best bang for the buck dac in the market - the maverick audio dac D1.
-when use as a sole "amp", it has no signature of its own, its very transparent.
when paired with imod, the sound you'll be hearing is not the amp itself, but the imod's own sig...(i hope you get this).
-bass lite, very 3-dimensional sounding player...even 128kbps mp3 sounds great in this thing!
-the UI is not buggy...youll get use to it, and you can find your way around, you'll just need a little practice and time.
-its pocketable, very light, and i love this dap!
-pairing with another amp is unnecessary.




my reading in this dap is...this dap isnt dark.
its like neutral.
its not like a bright ipod classic, or the ipod touch with a touch of a warmth...
nope, its kinda neutral to me.
its not too bright nor too dark sounding.

hisound STUDIO is winner in unbelievable soundstage and crystal clear instrument separation. it sounds like a hi end dac in a portable body..

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Compared to this well known reviewer you really couldn't get a more contrasting review. I wonder whos right and whos wrong.





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yeah i ususally reasonably like trusted reviews but i really dissagree with them. maybe it just paired badly with what ever they used maybe they are just so used to warm DAP's and it wasnt what they were used to? maybe they were using the BA firmware version?

i dont know what but i loved the thing and still fingers crossed it finds its way back to me.
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I also disagree and from a website that can't calculate an average...5? The average is 6.2 if you do an average from all the votes....blink.gif


...seriously, if you look on head-fi and on "tellementnomades" a kind of "french head-fi" with people with a lot of skills... there will be much much more positive feedback from those who listened to it than the others...


If people want to believe in Andrew Williams, they can but why only believe in One and Only person?

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Two things:

1. Is it has "shuffle albums" mode (or sth similar)? I usually listen whole albums so its "must have" mode for me.

2. What's about firmware? Is it as buggy as the rest of chineese daps? (i mean rocoo, s:flo2, previous hisound models etc)
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erm i wouldnt say buggy, a little eccentric maybe. it was odd, it should have annoyed me but i just never seemed to care about its quirky way of working.
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What about playback options? Is there only normal, shuffle and repeat?

As for firmware I saw few reviews which says it frozen and shut down sometimes

One of amazon review (part of it):

"UPDATE 15/09/2011

Had the unit a week, still love the sound quality
However, the unit started to shut down and freeze
Then it started to have trouble reading the SDHC card, saying there were albums on it that were not
Not always finding the unit "

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actually the newer version arrived at my country for us to demo this dap.

and id say it only froze to me once or twice whenever i shut it down.



definitely a NO.

its not.


i agree to mark here.


the studio plays like a normal player, in normal mode, shuffle or random and repeat.

those were the only choices available.

the good thing here is you can change the type of sound (one for ba and one for dynamic).



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My review: http://bit.ly/rnyi2A

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Originally Posted by pinoyman View Post



Thanks, I tried to be as honest as possible and tried to see exactly what this thing was capable of and not capable of. While I love the sound, It's not worth $450, at all.

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^well the real deal is the sound.

the only downside is the price...


too bad.

such a good product but too pricey for the people who love music.

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What about micro sd/hcsd card? is it merge with internal memory or is it separate?

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Originally Posted by Arthass View Post

What about micro sd/hcsd card? is it merge with internal memory or is it separate?

Merges, from what I know.

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